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Day 1,960, 21:56 Published in Japan Japan by ardishabutaro
With respect of CoT, EDEN, and TWO;

I believe, Alliance can be make with a similar interest with their founder-member. And i believe, that time is nearly come. There is no eternal friend or enemy, only eternal interest. Sometime, i think this game is not always for war, conflict, drama, or hatred each other. We still have fun, we still have friendship, in our deepest heart.

Why must Asian? Why must geographically?
First of all, we, Asian are the new blood in the world (RL). You can look in your house or school, office, or public area. There is some Asian in there.
Made in China is in everywhere
Computer must be from Taiwan
Japan own the USA with its technology
Indonesia have powerful economy and growth larger every year
Korea have, uhm.. SNSD? 😃
Look, there is more you can look to yourself, Asian almost (or already) conquer the world.

Second, we don't have problem each other (erepublik). Not forgetting our bad memories each other (with bloody and tears), i believe we still have respect each other.
eChina looks like Japan better than eJapan.
and we know that CP of eChina are eIndonesian before leaving the country.
We grow with our RL populace (China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia), and you all know that Asian people is respect each other. We don't have history conflict like Greek-Macedonian, or Serbia-and each other.

And lastly, Asian never grow too much to conquer each other. We can see:
China only occupy Pakistan and NK,
Indonesia only occupy Australia, and Sabah.
Japan and SK play this game only for fun, and with our full original land.

What is our Goal?
Well, to play this game with FUN.
If you want war outside your country, you can.
If you want to stay in your area, you can.
If you want to create event for your people, you can.

This game is not always for war, you can do something bigger than that. 😉

But, we still need war to do our DO, what should we do?
Easy, just find 1 country, want to expansion its country (let say, China goes to Europe by Iran, or Indonesia goes to South America by South Africa, or Japan goes to USA by hawaii), we can make it to DO.

Ok, let say we made it into an alliance, what is your dream country to join the alliance
Ok. This is my pick. You can make yours. But at least, it must be Asia country.
South Korea

China, is the most powerful country in the world. If China want, EDEN will fall and dead, but you can see that EDEN still alive till now. China is the determinant of this alliance (ASIAN EMPIRE)
Indonesia, facing a hard problem with "Trust Alliance", and now that country is not important anymore if that "Pele country" join "trust alliance"
South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, is the FUN country. We only need our original land (Japan-SK), and we will follow China (big brother) step (Taiwan)

Why not other country?
I think possible country to join ASIAN EMPIRE is (the reason why i didn't include that country):
Thailand (In conflict with Malaysia atm)
Malaysia (In conflict with Thailand atm)
Philippines (Idk why i put PH in this list, last time i remember her relationship with Taiwan and Indonesia is bad)
Singapore (Possible join, but i don't think if Singapore is want to join)
North Korea (under eChina control)
India (In conflict with Croatia, will join if China leave EDEN)
Pakistan (under eChina occupation, and i don't know relationship between China and Pakistan)

In Asian Country, who do you think it is not enough to became ASIAN EMPIRE?
Iran >> Not too ASIAN. If you ask where is Iran, people will answer: Middle East.
Saudi Arabia >> Same with Iran
Turkey >> Half, geographically in Europe, one of Euro-zone country, why it is included in ASIAN EMPIRE?
Russia >> Moskow is in Europe
UEA >> Same with Iran
Israel >> Same with Iran

Speak Up. Comment here!
Vote and Shout needed.

Propaganda by,

(eJapan congressman, Indonesian RL, and have 100% Chinese blood in my body)


ardishabutaro Day 1,960, 21:58

First Denied!

KIDE777 Day 1,961, 06:11

Those are Badminton countries. Not counting Great Britain and Denmark though. XD Well... This AE is possible, but very difficult to actualize since to avoid MPP conflicts, each countries will have to leave their old friends who they have a long history with too.

siapa JA
siapa JA Day 1,961, 22:41

why not pertamax 😛

Shirobu Day 1,962, 02:48

How about Greater East Asian Sphere= GEASS 🙂
lol no I'm kidding. but yeah The core members should be made up of those that you mentioned, minus Indonesia. If they are causing trouble right now what's, to say they wont in a new alliance?

ardishabutaro Day 1,962, 02:51

3/4 people here are indonesian, and they say ok to Asian Empire. JP-KR-Indo have no problem in alliance. But i don't know about China-ROC. They are the main core in this alliance. I mean, you know that China is the strongest country in Asia

ardishabutaro Day 1,962, 02:52

Turkey is not Asia. They are in Euro Zone

Stuxtnet Day 1,960, 22:12

mantep 😃

Aryzn Day 1,960, 22:13


yodhisaputra Day 1,960, 22:18

mantep bro...

tpi pastikan dlu si big brother mau nglepasin daerah jajahannya di Asia.

ardishabutaro Day 1,960, 22:58

eNK itu penduduknya China semua. Emang ada ya internet di North Korea?
Yg jadi masalah sebenarnya apa eIndo mau lepasin MY, dan PH kalau 2 negara itu join ASIAN EMPIRE?

Pakistan, well idk about that XD

Canester Day 1,960, 22:34

TS ternyata peranakan China xD

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,960, 23:13

Asian people is respect each other. We don't have history conflict
=> I don't think so

But I support ASIAN EMPIRE

ardishabutaro Day 1,960, 23:16

last time, our conflict just because trolls control our country XD

Sliver Lithium
Sliver Lithium Day 1,960, 23:16

better than became slave and discriminated

Al Cauhete
Al Cauhete Day 1,960, 23:22

i love this 🙂

Trafalgar Ace
Trafalgar Ace Day 1,960, 23:44

Go Go Go!
Not Bad. Asian Base Camp

qwerty2121 Day 1,960, 23:49

iran: not too asianXD jajaja i dont know why but it made me laugh:P

Tusheng Day 1,961, 00:18

Greetings from Glodok

daisun Day 1,961, 00:24

go go go asian empire!!!

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,961, 00:24

'Asia' is a cultural construct. It includes everything east of Greece, because that's what the Greeks called the land mass to the east of them. Considering the countries you pointed out; ethnically speaking, 'Mongoloid Empire' is a much more accurate term perhaps 😛

MacBen Day 1,961, 01:06

khaaaan !
But I agree. the frist selection sounds more like the british definition of the " Far East " then asia.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,961, 04:38

Given the countries, I doubt that Mongoloid Empire is accurate. If you really want something more accurate, why not use Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,961, 05:00

Was speaking from a genetic perspective.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,961, 05:47

But it would be hard to use Mongoloid since some of the countries mentioned are dominantly Australoid or Austronesians

tuahtora jr
tuahtora jr Day 1,961, 00:47

hmmm East Asia + eIndo

OMR.Ding Day 1,961, 01:03

That is so fun... :3

Otto Carius
Otto Carius Day 1,961, 01:29

Why not..?

It's gonna be FUN..!!


andromedadeezter Day 1,961, 01:36


andromedadeezter Day 1,961, 01:37


nubiunyu Day 1,961, 01:52

keren juga asian empire, tapi kalo itu berlima digabungin damagenya masih kalah sama serbia. xD

ardishabutaro Day 1,961, 02:12

Sapa bilang mau conquer Serbia XD

Genesizz Day 1,961, 02:07

istilah di one piece kita ini yonkou. wkwkwk

gogogo2 no more "yes master"!! dan mari kita mangkal bersama2

Trafalgar.Pearce36 Day 1,961, 03:07

yonko bukannya cuman 4 orang ya?

Genesizz Day 1,961, 04:08

ya kan cuma istilah. wkwk

biodiesel Day 1,961, 02:12

chinese people everywhere

naelnoalnoel Day 1,961, 03:45

huahuahua isinya negara bulutangkis semua 😃

Yuko Oshima
Yuko Oshima Day 1,961, 04:14

wahahahaha, iya bener juga xD

hanyayanggratis Day 1,961, 08:24

eh iyaa,,
baru nyadar ane,,

mhifzan Day 1,961, 04:12

hoho, nak join boleh ?

ardishabutaro Day 1,961, 04:47

it is just my idea. not to be happen in next two-or three days, better wait for CP election next, and talk to China. China is the main country to determinant this alliance

mhifzan Day 1,961, 05:15

np 😉 eMY already wait for almost 1 years for allies, 1 week didnt make diffrent

Emy Lyana
Emy Lyana Day 1,961, 04:13

This is a Great Idea..... xD

#Vote Max

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,961, 04:13

include Malaysia in there! ;p

lets make it real! xD


Lonqu Day 1,961, 04:14

It's an intriguing idea.

But unfortunately ePakistan generally dislike eChina, which is only natural after such a long period of occupation. And eIndia wouldn't be caught dead in the same alliance as eThailand since an acrimonious relationship breakdown last year.

Ignoring the implausibility of say, China being allied with Thailand, an Asian alliance is a pretty good idea, with a view to promoting unity etc etc. But there would still need to be some serious relationship building first. Sure, we don't have to have every single Asian country in this alliance. But for those who don't join, if they are a small country, odds are they will feel isolated, and add to tension in the region if this isolation is a problem for them.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,961, 04:23

meh.. to hell with Thai.. we need bollywood :3

Adnin Ardhias
Adnin Ardhias Day 1,961, 04:16

If we want to build an ASIAN EMPIRE, let's gather as many country as possible which located in ASIA.
I believe we can ease any grudge / conflict, we have same "east" culture and attitude that accentuate solidarity. It depends on how we communicate with others gov.
Turkey even its categorize as an Europe nation but historically they're closer to Asia.
If they want to join us, lets welcome them with arms wide open 🙂

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,961, 04:26

If this becomes real, ePhilippines wants to join too. We don't have a problem with Taiwan and with Indonesia, I think with some diplomacy, it can be fixed since the only problem that we have with them (if there is) is that they are conquering some of our regions.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,961, 05:55

Philippines needs to join there. The problem with Taiwan and Indonesia could be resolved.

Mr_Pornstar Day 1,961, 07:03


Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,961, 07:12

Pride! Power! Pakistan!

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