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Asgard Public opinion poll (follow up)

Day 1,868, 21:37 Published in Canada Portugal by ragalanow jadon

hey everyone,
So I said I would be writing a follow up to my article “Alliance: ASGARD” and this is it. I’m going to keep it short, mostly because I’m tired 😛
Which means, without further ado, here is what people had to say about ASGARD and the possibility of Canada joining it. Only entries with worded answers will be posted here. at the end of the article I will give the over all response percentages.

Here is the questions that were on the survey for those who did not do it.

Question 1:
Would you consider Asgard as a possible alliance for Canada?

Yes, but second to EDEN
Yes, but Second to CoT

Question 2:
What is your personal feeling towards joining the alliance Asgard?

Open to it
Not open to it
Hate it
Love it

Question 3:
Explain why you answered the above question as you did.

Response 1:
It’s time for Canada to get an alliance, and with a small alliance we can have a bigger say in matters. Hopefully we can make Asgard more open to new members.

Response 2:
Depending on whether EDEN reforms and become a brotherhood like they were 2 years ago.
Personally I still want to see Canada back on the EDEN brotherhood tree, but it's not worth it if EDEN remains stagnant and dying.

Response 3:
I am a E-Swede, but I really like eCanada, so I think it would be great to have eCanada as a member of Asgard, I would certainly accept you Canadians to our alliance!

Response 4:
I believe that ASGARD has the potential to grow and become better whilst still being a "local" and community alliance.

Response 5:
CoT sucks EDEN is a sinking ship TWO sucks

Response 6:
I think Asgard is the ideal alliance for us. It allows us to keep our friends as MPP's (Portugal, France, Colombia, Ireland, etc.). CoT would find us fighting against our current allies, and it is too friend to TWO nations - Serbia, Hungary, etc. (Are they a puppet of TWO?)

Response 7:
Because Asgard could benefit eCanada.

Response 8:
We need SOME alliance. We are to small to stand alone.

Response 9:
I'd like to see if eIreland joins first. If they do, then I'm all that much more likely to vote ASGARD.

Response 10:
It is a small and pointless alliance, Sweden and Finland are not powerful to bail Canada out of any trouble, nor are we to them.

Response 11:
ASGARD is an alliance where we can be a valued member and where our allies will have our backs when we have theirs.

Response 12:
We will fight against ePoland, eSpain or eUK one way or another. Fighting TWO or CoT while neutral with proEDEN MPP stack or while in ASGARD with proEDEN MPP stack is the same. But in ASGARD we can devolp closer relationship with few other countries and we will feel that we are a part of something bigger than just fighting for ourselves ( neutral ). ASGARD is better than neutral, and neutral is better than CoT or TWO meaning ASGARD is better than CoT and TWO.

Here is the over all percenages for the survey:

Question 1:

yes. 17- 81%
no. 1- 5%
Yes, but second to EDEN 0- 0%
Yes, but second to CoT 0- 0%
Other 3- 14%

Question 2:

open to it. 11- 52%
NOT open to it. 1- 5%
hate it. 0- 0%
love it. 7- 33%
indifferent. 1- 5%

I got a few less responses then hoped for ( around 50 to 100 more would have been nice 😛) so I will be posting the link again in the comments below(Because I suck at google docs and cant figure out how to get it in the article, which I think has something to do with my macbook)and will update this article with new entries that are submitted.
Any way’s I’ll finish off by saying that between the votes my article received, positive feedback from players in it’s comments, and the above survey results I’m glad I can say with some certainty people are taking Asgard as a serious option for Canada’s next Alliance choice.



Zappie Day 1,869, 06:09

I missed the survey link first time around, completed it now 😉

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,869, 15:02

I missed the survey link first time around, completed it now x2

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,869, 17:10

I missed the survey link first time around, completed it now x3

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,869, 17:21

thx all, updating the article now o7

klop123 Day 1,870, 08:02

I missed the survey link first time around, completed it now x4

stpolar Day 1,870, 08:18

I wasn't even here so I missed the survey link first time around, completed it now x1

NoobPower Day 1,870, 15:10

Of 20 responses, did you survey? When and where you posted this poll? I watched and I answered all surveys, but I have not seen it on anywhere!

NoobPower Day 1,870, 15:16

I missed the survey link first time around, completed it now x5

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