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As it was prophesized

Day 1,960, 07:57 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Policy

The game has finally, without doubt, earned the title of MMORPG. It's no longer -- in the slightest -- about strategy. The final level of degradation has been reached and platers are being squeezed, like addicts, for the last nickels. eRepVille has begun; we can only now ponder, as we look on, what the next step is when the ladder has been descended upon completely.



Policy Day 1,960, 07:58

Any of the older guys still around? Kualkerr? Raao? Pakland? Ahsan?

frejzer Day 1,960, 08:03

One could say that eRep Labs pursues wrong Policy xDDD

Dishmcds Day 1,960, 17:02

I'm older than all of them, and I'm still here. : P

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,960, 20:16


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