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Arundel for President

Day 1,223, 08:14 Published in USA USA by Pfeiffer.

Yes, it is that time. Today, I officially throw my hat into the ring to be the next President of the United States of America. This campaign has at times both felt impossible to launch, and inevitable. There have always been things I’ve wanted to do, and now is the time.

First things first, if you see a shout or an article saying ‘Pfeiffer for President’ or something to that affect, know that the person is talking about me. I am known as Pfeiffer on the forums and on IRC. This is because I used to play under this name, and it is in fact my RL last name. When I returned to eRepublik last summer, it was simply easier to continue using the name most widely recognized.

So, now you know my name, but who am I? What have I done, and what am I planning?

I have served in both the Executive and Legislative branches of our government, and in leadership roles in each. The more prominent roles I’ve held are Deputy Speaker of the House multiple times, Speaker of the House, and Deputy White House Chief of Staff. On the military side, I served in the National Guard, Home Guard, and Mobile Infantry, and was a Company CO in the Home Guard once upon a time. I recently co-founded the Ultramarines militia with Avruch and Maruishima, and I must say, it’s one of the better experiences I’ve had in this game. The Ultramarines have opened a lot of doors to me, and I’m experiencing a whole new aspect of gameplay.

Terra Secretary General jamesw has invited the leaders of the major allied militias to join the Terran rooms used to coordinate allied strikes on priority targets. In this new role, I’ve gotten to know the Alliance leadership, and our allied nations leadership, much better. This crash course in Foreign Affairs (probably my weakest field, as Ambassador was the most intense position I’ve held in this area) has been nothing but beneficial for me as a player, and as a candidate for President.

A rather recent development (it literally happened this morning) Supreme Commander of Terra, Artela, asked me to be her Deputy Supreme Commander. In this role, I update the Terran Orders, and coordinate strikes of allied forces when Artela is offline, or when she says ‘Hey you do this’. I have to weigh requests from all of our member nations, and send support to the places that can best use it. This job has already proven to be a great opportunity to work with foreign leadership, and I look forward to seeing where it leads.

I will announce my Vice President and Senior Cabinet members in a coming article, for now, if you’re interested in helping in the Administration, fill out this form.

A more in depth explanation of what I have in mind for our country will follow soon. If you need anything, just shoot me a message, or find me on IRC in the room #planbetter.



Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 1,223, 08:15

Voted, good luck.

Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 1,223, 08:39

can i be 1st lady?

Blank Keating
Blank Keating Day 1,223, 08:39

This summer, the P in PotUS stands for...


In select theatres April 5th.

Thomas765 Day 1,223, 08:39

Voted, best of luck

sirmamal Day 1,223, 08:43

go0d luck

Alexander Valkor
Alexander Valkor Day 1,223, 08:47

Interesting. I will be following your run closely.


Jimmy Brando
Jimmy Brando Day 1,223, 08:50

Pfeiffer for POTUS sounds good

Guerilla of LagaLuga
Guerilla of LagaLuga Day 1,223, 08:54

Voted. Good Luck.

MCorleoneFamily Day 1,223, 09:01


Justin McCravok
Justin McCravok Day 1,223, 09:02


Little Old Halfling
Little Old Halfling Day 1,223, 09:04

Shotty on VP

Pearcey333 Day 1,223, 09:04

could be interesting

Soren Nelson
Soren Nelson Day 1,223, 09:08

I lol'd.

holbs Day 1,223, 09:28


Pickleswami Day 1,223, 09:30

I like this.

SpiffMonkie Day 1,223, 09:32


silisius Day 1,223, 09:49

Good Luck

Jr. Gong
Jr. Gong Day 1,223, 10:01

voted! good luck!

Marxus Day 1,223, 10:07

I'm down.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,223, 10:08

Huge lol

Pizza The Hut
Pizza The Hut Day 1,223, 10:34


Sejanus Saturninus Lex
Sejanus Saturninus Lex Day 1,223, 10:57

HA/Pfeiffer is one of the most hard working people we have in the eUSA. He also loves playing this game more than most

Good luck

Robert Loggia
Robert Loggia Day 1,223, 11:04


Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 1,223, 11:17

Oooo boy! Good luck, bud. ~

Shy7 Day 1,223, 11:29

good luck

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 1,223, 11:30

I could go for this

Ace451 Day 1,223, 11:30

Does Terra have an official Army?

Lars Travis
Lars Travis Day 1,223, 11:31

Have my total support!

Holger Von Bear
Holger Von Bear Day 1,223, 11:32

Voted, good luck!

Pfeiffer. Day 1,223, 11:33

Ace, we don't have a dedicated force that works only for the alliance, no. My job is to make sure that the alliance HQ Document has up to date battle information, with priorities as set by HQ, and to help coordinate strikes on our allied targets. Lots of PMs with the HQ Staff, and the MoDs I'm getting to know better.

Cruinne Day 1,223, 11:33

Good luck!

Publius Day 1,223, 11:34

Called it months ago.

jamesw Day 1,223, 11:38

I would make a great VP, ask Jhorlin.

RaccoonGoon Day 1,223, 11:39

I could vote this, potentially.

Awaiting further updates.

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,223, 11:43

LOL no

Gislaine Day 1,223, 11:43


Jamarcus Day 1,223, 12:01


jaywalker71 Day 1,223, 12:11

: D lololol

Voted. Good Luck.

shadowukcs Day 1,223, 12:36

v/s pepper

Ian John Locke IV
Ian John Locke IV Day 1,223, 13:07


Skylar Vicious
Skylar Vicious Day 1,223, 13:08


Pfeiffer. Day 1,223, 13:38

ilu Crista

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,223, 14:04

endorsed with all my monarchical prestige

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Day 1,223, 14:29

Voted. Good luck, mate!

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,223, 14:30


googoodoll Day 1,223, 15:15

Good luck my friend!

Artela Day 1,223, 15:44

Good luck, and our babies would be ossim!

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