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Around the eWorld in 50 Days

Day 1,475, 08:58 Published in Egypt Croatia by Janko Fran

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Fighting for your eCountry

It is a great feeling to fight for your own e-country, helping it on its way to become free or even to become greater if you all together are many and have many successes in your battles. But what if you happen to live in eEgypt like myself or some other smaller country with not so many allies in eRepublik?

Then you usually work and train every day and if you are lucky, you participate in RWs to liberate it from some mighty country or perhaps you participate in some training war if your government is active enough like the eEgyptian government is. We have been lucky enough to have at least (and most of the time) one active war every day. There were, of course, often times without any active wars in eEgypt, like for instance it was today. I know that for most of you it is hardly imaginable that such thing is possible in eRepublik since the not-so-recent-any-more changes, which have brought us many many simultaneous battles in eRepublik, especially if you are living in some mighty eCountry with many allies.

MPPs & Fighting for your Allies

As a matter of fact, this month we even had 2 Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) agreements, which is our record after many months without any MPPs. This month we had a MPP with eIreland, so with many other allied countries of eIreland, eEgypt and myself have also had our small share of influence in Irish battles for liberation.

We also had a MPP with South Korea, so I participated there as well, but that MPP was lost after we had to attack Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) according to our inter-government deal between Egypt and Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as our two countries both shared MPP with South Korea.

I would say that it is difficult for small or new countries to find allies for their MPPs. Our total influence is only 10 million per day (yes, that's right, Romper could win a battle against our country of Egypt), and we are probably too weak to be desirable for any major alliance like EDEN, Terra, not to mention VIP-ONE club. Plus, we have felt well on our skin what alliances and particular country's interests mean. So, we had no other options but to become a neutral country.

Travels and Fights

So, what to do when you already fought for your country that day and when there are no battles for you or for your allies and you have full health of food fights available to spend? Well, it is simple. Find some more allies, even informal, when formal MPPs are not an option.

In order to plan changing your residence in advance, this map can help you. It is an updated map of The New World since the last country (Albania) has been added to eRepublik.

Travel zones eWorld map. Click on it to enlarge it.

Here is a table which shows zone adjacencies and distances:

Here is a table of all distances between each two travel zones:

Every distance you travel across costs 20.00 of your citizenship local currency. In my case it would be 20.00 EGP.

If some of you haven't traveled much lately and need some reminder on how to do it, here is a link where it is all explained:

eRepublikWiki::Change residence

Legion etrangere arabe - LEA (Arab Foreign Legion)

As I am the leader of Legion etrangere arabe - LEA (Arab Foreign Legion), which has a mission to help eEgypt and other Arab countries and all the other small or new countries to liberate their core regions from eRepublik superpowers, there is plenty of work to do, or better to say plenty battles to fight available in 'The New World' to accomplish that mission.

Around the eWorld in Eighty Days

I am sure that most of you have read Around the World in Eighty Days and here is the itinerary of that travel:

Around the eWorld in Fifty Days

As I know that we can do better, I'll show you where have I been in the last 50 days or so.

Let me show you my travel Around the eWorld in Fifty Days check list:

As you can see there are many countries in the eWorld, which need help to liberate themselves. You will find many EDEN and neutral, even some ABC and some proONE countries. However, you won't see many ONE countries on my travel plan. I guess they don't need so much help as some smaller countries do.

My Last Stop - Republic of Moldova

My last stop was Republic of Moldova so I send you a postcard from Moldova:

Moldova's stunning All Saints Church sits in Armenian Cemetery in the capital, Chisinau.
Photography by Dan Herrick/Lonely Planet Images - Click to visit NG Travel Guide

With this country completed, I also got a nice reward:

My Mercenary Medal - Day 1475

It will surely be well used and invested in creating or upgrading a company of mine or of some other, probably new player.

Travel invitation

Now, I would like to invite you to travel and fight with me on my next Around the eWorld in 50 Days tour.

Next two stops scheduled: eEgypt and ePakistan. You can also propose your favorite destinations and we can create our tour Around the eWorld in 50 Days together.

Joining Arab Foreign Legion

I would also like to invite all eEgyptian players to join Arab Foreign Legion - LEA. We fight for eEgypt and its allies every day we can, but we also help other countries in need when ever possible.

You can apply here:
Legion etrangere arabe - LEA
The only requirement is eEgyptian citizenship as LEA is headquartered in Western Desert, Egypt.

You can see our avatars here:
LEA MU Avatars and Battle Orders

You can read more about LEA here:
Honour and Fidelity - Foreign Legion - Where You Can Make a Difference [EN|FR]
and on our eRepublik wiki pages:

eRepublikWiki::Legion etrangere arabe - LEA

Oh, wait, the battle of Lower Egypt has started! I need to get back fighting for eEgypt! We need to liberate it! Will you join me? 😉

Lower Egypt battle, Day 1475

Click on the image to join the battle.

Travel Around the eWorld Invitation

Now, I would like to invite you to join me, to travel and fight with me on my next Around the eWorld in 50 Days tour.

Our next stops:
Day 1475 - eEgypt
Day 1476 - eSaudi Arabia
Day 1477 - eUnited Arab Emirates
Day 1478 - ePakistan.

You can also propose your favorite destinations. From ePakistan we travel either to eChina or to eIndia. Join me and we can create our tour Around the eWorld in 50 Days together. I only hope we shall make it in time. 😉

Faithfully yours,

Janko Fran

Music Video: Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage

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Around the eWorld in 50 Days

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Jules Verne - Around the World in Eighty Days
LEA MU Avatars and Battle Orders
Honour and Fidelity - Foreign Legion - Where You Can Make a Difference [EN|FR]


Varlosh Day 1,475, 09:00

Congratz brah

Per Jostein
Per Jostein Day 1,475, 10:21

Very well written article! Congratulations!

Reza Farahan
Reza Farahan Day 1,475, 10:23


cooljaH Day 1,475, 10:27

Congrats Janko 🙂

ekomeko Day 1,475, 11:24

V o/

AthanatosX Day 1,475, 11:34

Congratzzzzzzzzz 😃

Ghostbiker Day 1,475, 11:40


GurtDzo Day 1,475, 11:56


alimilano Day 1,475, 12:00


Plokite Day 1,475, 12:10

OutSmarter Day 1,475, 12:20

You forgot Around the world by Daft Punk ¬¬

luka dzunic
luka dzunic Day 1,475, 12:23

nema na srpskom 😠

Janko Fran
Janko Fran Day 1,475, 12:26

@OutSmarter: Corrected, Daft Punk - Around The World added...
@luka dzunic: slobodno prevedi na srpski i objavi u svojim novinama...
možda još i prevedem na hrvatski sutra...

ManuR Day 1,475, 12:27


Ahileus Day 1,475, 12:32

fight for eEgypt!!!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,475, 13:18

Zasto nema 25 killova za eSrbiju?

Janko Fran
Janko Fran Day 1,475, 13:56

Zato što Srbija nije ugrožena, i očito drži sve pod kontrolom...

damir1 Day 1,475, 13:56


Major A. Degtyarev
Major A. Degtyarev Day 1,475, 14:03

Tnx for the 25 kills for MACEDONIA! ❤

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,475, 14:07


igor loncar
igor loncar Day 1,475, 14:10


mufekk Day 1,475, 14:21

v.83: arround the eworld in 24 hours- see esLOVEnian Trolleybus! rgds to everybody from esLOVEnia, mufekk

Memo Aga
Memo Aga Day 1,475, 15:00

Hail Janko Fran

Jesser Day 1,475, 15:36

not spain, not vote

Ante-os Day 1,475, 18:00

čestitam! :😁

CelarentE Day 1,475, 18:09


Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,475, 18:23


Ilirikum Day 1,476, 02:54


Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,476, 03:54

Meksiko, Urugvaj, Crna Gora....
Sa druge strane imas Tursku, Kinu, Svedsku....
Nisi se onda bas lepo izrazio kada si napisao da je sve ovo oko pomoci slabijim drzavama koje su u neprilici.... : P

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,476, 04:04

Nice read. Thanks!

Janko Fran
Janko Fran Day 1,476, 04:17

Crna Gora nije bila napadnuta, već je napala Albaniju.
Urugvaj nije imao nijedne bitke kad god sam gledao.
Za Meksiko nisam udarao jer nisam htio protiv svoje zemlje. I to ni od koga drugog i ne tražim.

Turska, Kina i Švedska su bile na redu kad više nisam imao za koga tući ili ako sam bio u njima u RWovima pa da i njih odradim... Jednostavno od 50 država teško je uvijek naći one kojima je pomoć potrebna, tako da su ovo više iznimke nego pravilo...

Zato evo 38/50 država kojima je sigurno trebala pomoć, naprema 3/50 kojima možda i nije. Izazivam te da sastaviš bolju listu na svom profilu ako možeš.

Cute_Jozha Day 1,476, 08:40


Archibold Day 1,476, 10:27


IceVrbz Day 1,476, 10:29


Mr Andrews
Mr Andrews Day 1,476, 11:09

omg, how long did it take you to write this!


Verzus Day 1,476, 14:50

very nice...

Drainer28 Day 1,476, 17:02

@luka dzunic
Day 1,475, 12:23
nema na srpskom

Pricaj bre srpski da te ceo svet razme

ili nesta slično 😛

troj4n20 Day 1,476, 17:11


Irasian Day 1,477, 00:10


Sevillafc Day 1,477, 04:17


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