Army of Lithuania - results(English version, week 2)

Day 3,918, 04:10 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by Deliux88


I am happy to announce Army of Lithuania(AoL) week 2 results. First of all I would like to welcome our new members Jazzymen and Pure Dmnts. This week we have distributed prizes for 84 107cc of which ~44 000cc was Plato Foundation funding.

Good news, that THE SPIRIT III decided allocate 10 000cc bonus to AoL members who will continue to grow and kill more enemies compare with last week. 10 000cc THE SPIRIT III prize would be allocated equally.

Rules of AoL can fin😛 HERE

Statistic: HERE

I would like to use the chance and to encourage new members to join Army of Lithuania. Uncertain time is coming and always good to know that someone got your back.

Results Air a Groun😛

Future goals:

• Make spreadsheet, more easy to use and simple to understand

• Recruit new members

Donations, comments and votes are always welcome.

Army of Lithuania