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APP is looking for new members and Senate candidates

Day 1,975, 08:04 Published in Australia Australia by venja

The Australian Parliamentary Party stands for ensuring all Aussies are well represented in our government institutions. We aim to have as democratic a system as can be had within game mechanics.

The APP is always looking for people who believe in our country and want to work to make it better. Your ideas and efforts will be much appreciated and your ambitions to help other aussies will not go un-noticed. If this sounds like you join up and be part of the strength that runs through our great country.


On the 25th we will be having elections for a new Senate. At this stage, most likely scenario is 1 region, 10 Senators. APP will be aiming for at least 2 candidates to gain a Senate seat.

Nominations are currently being taken in the forums.

A members vote on the forum will be held on the 23rd to identify preferred candidates.

President APP



argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Day 1,975, 14:12

APP \o/

Callumh123 Day 1,976, 03:21

Who would want to run for Senate under a deceitful PP?

Paul J Keating
Paul J Keating Day 1,976, 21:02

Comeback time?

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