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API Report for Western Australia

Day 875, 06:15 Published in Australia Australia by Aeros

Yellow= Limbo
Green= Secured by Defenders
Red= Secured by attackers

This is the official score count, not effected by server lag. The time it is green is the official score of the battle at that exact moment according to the Server.

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trisno Day 875, 06:18


Zelja Day 875, 06:18

it seems it doesnt matter who won fairly, with all the existing evidence battle should be reversed long time ago, at least we should get statement that its investigated

Gnaeus Progenitor
Gnaeus Progenitor Day 875, 06:19

I am starting to think the Admins don't really care at this point. To busy trying to screw up Version 2.

Cavalcanti Day 875, 06:19

ITT: Butthurt

vermicellion Day 875, 06:20

why so serious, it's only game
stand up and fight for your freedom

gonzo23 Day 875, 06:22

cry some moar...

you should start to win battles at the battlefield instead of lame articles and stuff.

Aeros Day 875, 06:23

^^That is the problem though, we DID win the battle at the battlefield XD

Zelja Day 875, 06:23

dont you see that we won on battlefield ?
two times ?
god how ignorant

JeepAmerica Day 875, 06:23

Cavalcanti how many times have I see you and your Penix friends cry? And the whole point of this issue Gonzo is the fact we beat you fair and square.

ilir.jozo Day 875, 06:24

so it was secured twice?

synyster's rampage
synyster's rampage Day 875, 06:25

"Cry Some Moar ...

you should start to win battle at the battlefield INSTEAD OF lame articles and stuff "

why did you subscibe if its obviously biased then! obviously doesnt have a life

Aeros Day 875, 06:25

^^Yep^^ Thats what the API report say's. This is the official score count, not effected by server lag. The time it is green is the official score of the battle at that exact moment according to the Server.

Halfie Day 875, 06:26

isnt a battle supposed to end anyway no matter what once it goes to the secure line after time expires

Ezekiel Thomas
Ezekiel Thomas Day 875, 06:28


Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 875, 06:29

did they say the admin is investigating? hope u guys get some answers soon.

Cavalcanti Day 875, 06:29

Jeep: like the invasion of the United Kingdom, NoB, Gauteng (Josh <3), and so?

gonzo23 Day 875, 06:31

there was another chance to fight for both sides and you couldn't keep your advantage, it seems to me you weren't good enough.

Malin Kundang
Malin Kundang Day 875, 06:32


natrix1 Day 875, 06:34

@gonzo23, we kicked you out 3 times, do you think the 4th or 5th time would make a difference?? Don't be so naive. It was impossible to win this battle. Why? Don't ask me, but I'm pretty sure admin knows the answer.

Advanced Composites
Advanced Composites Day 875, 06:39

Penix trolls, LOL.

How do you keep claiming something wrong, in spite of multiple lines of evidence? You sound like creationists!
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Sossu Day 875, 06:44

I want to hear the truth from the admin's. If PHX won it fairly then I have no issue with that. Now it seems like the other way around.

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 875, 06:44

&quot;cry some moar...

you should start to win battles at the battlefield instead of lame articles and stuff.&quot;

Gonzo, you don't seem to be too bright. How can we start winning battles at the battlefield when the game doesn't let us?

Thessaloz Day 875, 06:52

voted... Why they can't play 1 time fair?😒
Its the 3rd time that i see buged win from phonix in big fights and admin know that....

Doturluigi Day 875, 06:53

Penix should at least have some dignity and keep their mouth shut

Howly Day 875, 06:54

Comment deleted

Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 875, 07:03

i found an example of past wars that go beyond time (based on the website Aeros is using):
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]9504</a>

It is the Lower Carniola battle - invasion of eCroatia into eSlovenia. The wall was about +600k during the 24 hours mark. Then the tanking damages can be observed. What i can conclude is - the API data is lagging, but the calculation for the damages is not. The scenario is probably like this:

1. someone click FIGHT. damage recorded in database. (1sec)
2. resultant wall calculated based on 1. (1-2sec)
3. battle victor decided here (internal calculation).
**say 1 and 2 take 3secs per fight person per server.
3. the graphic interface update after 1 and 2 are done.
**this could means 10-60mins lag - if 1200 fights / server per second elapsed.
4. API database update with the graphic interface.
**which explains why zhunder site is giving a delayed ending..

thus even all 10-20k fights were done in the final 5 mins - this is represented by a spreaded tanking pattern as shown in zhunder and the graphic interface. in reality. they re considered instantaneous in the original calculation in step 1.

just some thoughts.

Hugan Day 875, 07:05

oh rly?

CrowdedHouse Day 875, 07:09


Otak Udang
Otak Udang Day 875, 07:15

<strong class="u_warning"> STOP WHINING </strong>

Vlado Stepanic
Vlado Stepanic Day 875, 07:15

Same thing happened in Marmara when Romania won against Turkey even tho at 00:00 it was like 300 000 over the border, but we didnt WHINE as much as you do, stop whining and get over it, you had RW and u failed to take the region back, when u want to get it back, win it, not just cry to admins.

psy_cho Day 875, 07:24

You know &quot;lag&quot;????

Otak Udang
Otak Udang Day 875, 07:34

are you really inconfident to fightback aeros? just stop whining and fight us back if you really want WA

psy_cho Day 875, 07:36

btw war ended when the there's no fight button.
Read this yo

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Diraska Day 875, 07:39

What we want is a fair way for all sides to fight a battle.

I don't want to win a battle through server error.

Maras Mate
Maras Mate Day 875, 07:39

Vlado we would stop crying if you would stop cheating....

Vlado Stepanic
Vlado Stepanic Day 875, 07:44

Who cheated? HOW did we cheat? It wasnt a cheat, we just fighted hard until we could press fight button, and we won the fight. Your problem you had less damage after daychange.

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 875, 07:51

We won. True fact...

Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 875, 07:55

@vlado - many of your countrymen cheated via multies. u want proof? 😃 hehehe. i d be glad to give some if you can stop them cheating (somehow).

Collin Roche
Collin Roche Day 875, 08:25

We won. True fact...

illuminas Day 875, 08:30

read this my friend,

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]sall</a>

keep crying, 🙂

Maegalodonus Day 875, 08:37

Is this the first time a battle goes into &quot;extra time&quot; for no apparent reason????

natrix1 Day 875, 08:43

The best piece of evidence is in this video: <a href=";" target="_blank">[..]&amp;</a>

Anyonymous Day 875, 08:59

Lol, level 8 wants a rematch

Maruishima Day 875, 09:03

&gt;&gt; ITT: Butthurt -- Cavalcanti

If admins decide to give the region back to Australia, I expect you and every other &quot;cry moar&quot; troll to accept that decision without protest.

Maruishima Day 875, 09:05

&gt;&gt; Is this the first time a battle goes into &quot;extra time&quot; for no apparent reason???? -- Maegalodonus

Irrelevant. The fact that you accept these bugs is the reason they don't do anything about them. I expect Phoenix to protest loudly when the same happens to them.

TAURUS CORP Day 875, 09:13

Omg! What was that? &quot;You are a pirate!&quot;
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Che Greco
Che Greco Day 875, 09:54

fool me once shame on you
fool me twice shame on me

if admins dont fix this then Australians deserve evrything they get for playing

I say write a new citizen message discourage new players from playing the game because of the numerous bugs, unless the admins fix the situation.

Eugene Harlot
Eugene Harlot Day 875, 10:10

Why would you trust the API? GIGO. &gt;_&gt;

Huazel Day 875, 10:18

stop crying aussie..
and stop act like a girl..

show that you have a power to conquer WA from eIndo

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