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Any signs of the end?

Day 1,844, 17:41 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

World War Five has been going on for nearly 2 years now, with major alliances falling and new ones rising up. However through all the power struggles it is still not clear when this war will be over, heck its still not clear which side has the advantage right now. Its hard to see if a certain alliance has the upper hand over the others. It is also a bit odd that the whole reason this war started was because of Poland's aggressive nature, and that reason is now completely irrelevant to the current situation.

So now what? What are the signs that this war will be close to over?

1. How bout when all but one side surrender?
Not possible, each alliance is as stubborn as an oxen and will not keel to the other sides no matter what.

2. Someone asks for a peace talk meeting?
No one has the balls to do such a thing, and the alliances would say no anyway.

3. Two sides join together to beat the others?
Everyone hates each other so slim chance of that.

4. Ceasefire?
Name one time in this entire conflict a ceasefire actually almost stopped this war.

5. Complete obliteration?
This is so far the only option in the case of this war. When all the alliances are destroyed by the victor alliance, then we will have peace.

However this would take YEARS to accomplish cause more alliances are being created and no country remains conquered forever.

So CoT, EDEN, GEA, TWO, and Asgard, why do you fight this war still? It has been going on for too long and btw a lot of these alliances are really small and weak, except for ours and TWO. So maybe we should rethink this whole warring thing?



EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,845, 09:34


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