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Answer for DQ-1 day 1916

Day 1,918, 22:16 Published in India India by SpaceMonkey.11

Hi all,
Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

Answers for DQ-1 day 1916 is
1. Generation gap.
2. Right between the eyes.
3. Shape Up.

I’m happy to announce the winners of this Set.

1.Dranze R

Participant Prize
1.Nagaraj Suraj
Congratulations for the winners and runners.

Winners => 2 Q7 weapons.
Runners => 50 q2 food(200 health).

Note : Participants are very less in this context, Make it big and beautiful from next context.



Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Day 1,919, 05:10


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,921, 12:22


MIXEY85 Day 2,901, 15:09


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