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Day 1,891, 09:39 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Crow Ford

Good Morning/night/day/afternoon every time you read this article.
Today i as Spokesman at Malindo party want to introduce to you all about our party.

There some information about this party that you must now.

First Name of the party

This Party is named MALINDO It mean Malaysia - Indonesia party.

Second The purpose of This Party

This Party made is not for do any PTO in eMalaysia. The purpose of this party is for making a very good relationship between eIndonesia and eMalaysia on all sector that possible.

Third New Logo

The new logo for the party can you see at party profile. And with this article that new party will be use for all long time as the party exist.

Fourth Membership

This party is open for everyone who wants join with us.
But only for the real player not for multies.

Fifth Other information

If eMalaysia and eIndonesia are in the diffrent side in the future this party will always exist and will never do PTO in eMalaysia.

Any other information you need about this party you can contact me or henchee as the Party president this month.


Thanks for your attention
Sign with Friendship



Crow Ford
Crow Ford Day 1,891, 09:41

long last brotherhood

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,891, 10:10

I am a Multi
can I join your party plz?

: D

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,891, 10:14

long last brotherhood x2

mhifzan Day 1,891, 16:47

@godfather ll, haha x D watch out for admin : P

Hendrig Day 1,891, 17:26

hail MALINDO o/

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,891, 17:31

i m skill in PTOer, may i join your party ?? 😛

Danny Herlino Sutra
Danny Herlino Sutra Day 1,892, 03:56

good.. : )

Nerzhu1 Day 1,892, 22:33


zeropercent Day 1,893, 02:06


Ying Ko
Ying Ko Day 1,893, 06:55

So? What about sabah then?

Hendrig Day 1,893, 06:59

sabah? let we ask gov..

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