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Anime song of the month- March 2014 (nominations)

Day 2,301, 16:31 Published in Japan Japan by sto kila bazuki

The second event this month is Anime song of the month.
We are hoping that you will find this events interesting and chose to participate in them in, so that we together make this to become traditional event in our country holding every month for years to come.

-Everyone in this eWorld is allowed to participate
-Nominations will be held for 3 days ( from Monday to Wednesday), so you have more time to think about your candidate.

-You can only nominate one song.

-Nomination must contain:
1. Name of the song (and is it the opening,ending song theme or any other song theme related to specific anime like character songs etc),
2. Name of the artist ( male/female singer, band ),
3. Name of the anime from which the song is,
4. YouTube link of the song.

All of these conditions must be met, nominations without these elements will be considered as incomplete and will not be accepted for the event.

There are 2 ways to nominate:
#1 Nominate on the forum
#2 Via PM, titled Anime song of the month with all of the info inside.

The nominator of the winning candidate will get the prize of 500 CC.

I would also like to use this opportunity to invite you (anime/manga fans and others ) to join our party.


Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,302, 07:56

Voted and nominated^^

Eupasos Day 2,304, 13:54

Voted and nominated ~

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