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Anime News 30th September 2013

Day 2,142, 07:16 Published in Japan Japan by Aister Pendragon

In this issue:

- Final Fall 2013 Anime Chart
- Behold! Attack on Titan Shiganshina District Almost Complete in Minecraft
- "rain" Drips in with a Launch Trailer
- "Tokyo Ravens" Anime Preview
- "Dragon Quest X" Shrinks Down to iPhone and iPad in Japan This Winter

Final Fall 2013 Anime Chart

The fall anime season is upon us, with plenty of sequels and adaptations, not to mention some intriguing original series like Kill La Kill, Samurai Flamenco and Galilei Donna.

full size:


Behold! Attack on Titan Shiganshina District Almost Complete in Minecraft

The "Studio Miyabi" Minecraft group has created another video showcasing their painstakingly accurate recreation of Attack on Titan's Shiganshina district in Minecraft. They posted a video on Planet Minecraft of their most recent progress, which includes not only the entire district within the walls, but also the structures outside of the walls. And of course, there's also a Colossal Titan.

The site lists their progress as still being only 65% complete, with a message board comment from a group member speculating that the project would be finished "before next year."

We first reported on their efforts back in June, when Studio Miyabi posted a glimpse of their work-in-progress. At the time, the project was only about 15% complete.

Anime News Network

"rain" Drips in with a Launch Trailer

This week sees the arrival of the intriguing PlayStation 3 game rain, which we've covered quite a bit here. As of tomorrow it officially hits PSN, and you can catch one last preview in the launch trailer below.

Developed by Sony's Japan Studio and PlayStation C.A.M.P., rain will be priced at $14.99. Those who pre-ordered it on the PlayStation Store will get five hand-drawn avatars, dynamic and static PS3 themes, and a musical montage, all of which will not be for sale after September 30.


"Tokyo Ravens" Anime Preview

Rondo Robe has posted a new preview of this fall's adaptation of Kouhei Azano (Black Blood Brothers) and Atsushi Suzumi's (Venus Versus Virus) "Onmyodo School Fantasy of a Failing Private Onmyo Academy Student!!" light novel series Tokyo Ravens.


"Dragon Quest X" Shrinks Down to iPhone and iPad in Japan This Winter

After hitting Nintendo Wii, and later Wii U, the last big move Dragon Quest X made was PC. Next up for the MMO is a partnership between Square Enix and Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo, who will be bringing the MMO to iPhone and iPad in Japan.

The mobile version of Dragon Quest X, currently scheduled for winter, will use the Cloud for online play. Utilizing iPhone/iPad features like an on-screen D-pad, it will otherwise have the same content as the other versions of DQX, and affordable plans will be available for those who want to commit to shorter amounts of play time.




Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,143, 05:36

Is it just me or the fall anime seasons seems ( much ) better and interesting than summer season. Looking forward to watch it.

Insight Day 2,145, 11:28

Same here, hope it will be for winter as well.Keep it up with the news, sometimes I miss them and is funny that I can find out via erep.

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