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Anime News 14th July 2013

Day 2,063, 19:10 Published in Japan Japan by Aister Pendragon

In this issue:

1. Domino’s 2nd Hatsune Miku Deliver Bike Revealed
2. 3rd Moe Vegetable Girl Illustration Contest Announced
3. Glasses-wearing Boys Anime "Meganebu!" 1st PV
4. Gunma’s Sakakibara Kikai Releases Child-Friendly Robot “Kid’s Walker Cyclops”
5. New Fate Stay Night Series will cover Heaven's Feel

Domino’s 2nd Hatsune Miku Deliver Bike Revealed

Do you remember the Hatsune Miku x Domino's pizza delivery bike which first appeared in Japan in March? In response to public demand, they have decided to add the second bike with new Miku illustrations. The new Miku bike will be delivered to one of the Domino's stores in the Tokyo Metropolitan area on July 16. So now they have two Miku bikes in the area. Let’s hope your pizza will be delivered by the Miku bikes!


3rd Moe Vegetable Girl Illustration Contest Announced

"Otoyo-cho Yutori Farm" in Kochi Prefecture operated by a university student group "Niji Yasai Koubou" (roughly means Rainbow Vegetable Workshop) has been holding a moe girl illustration contest since March 2012. The winning illustrations are featured on the packages of the vegetables they sell. Right now four moe girls based on snap peas, eggplant, tomato and cucumber are helping to promote their business widely.

Following the two successful contests, Kochi Prefecture Office announced the details of the third contest. The vegetables selected as the themes are Chinese cabbage and lettuce. In addition to the packages, the group is also planning to sell picture books and character figures featuring the girls. Of course they welcome entries from foreign artists. The deadline is on September 13 and the winners will be announced on September 24. If you are interested, please check the guideline below.


Size: A4 (width 210mm x height 297mm)
Format: JPEG, Adobe® Illustrator®
Compression format: zip

You need to submit three illustrations:

1&2. standing posture for each character, Chinese cabbage and lettuce
3. scene illustration includes both characters

Please write your name, pseudonym (if you need), country, email address
1st winner's prize: gift certificate worth 50,000 yen
Deadline: September 13, 2013
Please attach your arts and send it in e-mail.
mail :


Glasses-wearing Boys Anime "Meganebu!" 1st PV

The first promotional video for the upcoming TV anime Meganebu! has been posted in the web. The PV introduces the five protagonist boys and their glasses. The story revolves around five high school boys who live in Sabae-city, Fujui Prefecture. The city is known as Japan's top producer of glasses. They launch "Meganebu" (Glasses Club) to put their passion into glasses. The anime will start airing in Japan in this October.


Gunma’s Sakakibara Kikai Releases Child-Friendly Robot “Kid’s Walker Cyclops”

At the end of March, Gunma Prefecture-based machine manufacturer Sakakibara Kikai released the Kid’s Walker Cyclops, a robot that can be piloted by children.

Continuing on the company’s previous work creating child-safe robots, the 2-meter-tall, 360-kilogram machine is fully moveable in all directions and can pick up items with its right arm, while its left arm features a spinning drill. The robot took approximately one year from conception to creation.


New Fate Stay Night Series will cover Heaven's Feel

According to those attendees who received an early look at the PV, the new F/SN project will cover the Heaven’s Feel route.




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