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Anime Music(Day 2,141)

Day 2,141, 02:03 Published in Japan Japan by sto kila bazuki

Hello !!

For today we have:
Who's Theme
Anime: Samuraiiiiiiiii Champlooooooo 🙂
Artist: Nujabes and MINMI

Anime: Naruto
Dis song dis song ... waaaaaa 😘(
Clavar La Espada
Anime: Bleach
Composer: Shiro Sagisu
Another Whitey-chan xD (shiro=white)
Anime: D.Grey Man
Artist: Nami Tamaki
L's Theme
Anime: Death Note
Composer: Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi
Perfect for homework 😉 😃

Fridays question of the day: Which two animes would you like to have crossover ?
Best answer by meeee : Samurai Champloo x Bleach

That will be all for today. Don't forget to vote and subscribe.
For today there isn't question cuz I runned out of ideas.
If you have song (you dont have to find the info it's my job to find it) or question just post it in the comments.
See you next time, bye.


Aryzn Day 2,141, 09:27

Damn. Nujabes was brilliant.

You know that you have to do Light's theme now. I personally think its better than L's, just has a more authentic feel. Play it late at night, loudly, over and over, best way to make your neighbors hate you. 😛

sto kila bazuki
sto kila bazuki Day 2,141, 11:49

Everything has its own time 😉
Light's theme is next.
I also like Light's theme it can make your hair go up.

DankChronic Day 2,141, 21:37

I couldn't get into anime music to much, I hear a good one every now and then, but not many. I would like to see an AMV newspaper though.

synhro Day 2,142, 02:28

I genuinely enjoy the anime OSTs but not the popular jPop/Rock stuff. Instrumentals and background music are simply brilliant. Here are some,

Texhnolyze OST - The Edge

Millennium Actress OST - Actress in Time Layers

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