An Update on the Dept. of Interior's Social Programs

Day 5,348, 16:08 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior has been directed by President Proteus to explain to the eUSA community the current social programs being offered by the eUS government and how you can benefit from them.

Currently, there are 3 programs being offered by the Department of the Interior, the Vootsman Anti-Tax Program (VAT), Kody's Tin Can Program, and the Growth Incentive Military Program (GIMP).

Vootsman Anti-Tax Program (VAT)

The VAT is a program offered by the Department of the Interior and sponsored by Herr Vootsman. This program operates as a sort-of tax refund for the eUSA community. Each week a certain amount of funds is set aside by Herr Vootsman, and each week those funds are paid out to all who sign up for the VAT Program. The amount paid out to each player is largely based on the amount of people who sign up that week.

The VAT Program is currently being run by Congressman Arrden. To sign up for the program, simply keep an eye on the eUSA National feed and look out for Congressman Arrden's post announcing the VAT Program. After that simply leave a comment and wait for your tax refund. The program pays out once a week.
Kody's Tin Can Program

The Tin Can Program is a food distribution program sponsored by Kody5. The program gives 200 Q5 food to every player who signs up and is currently run by Tito Magnus. To sign up for Kody's Tin Can Program, keep an eye on the eUSA national feed and look for Tito Magnus's post announcing the Tin Can Program. Leave a comment and then wait for your free food. The program is paid out daily.
Growth Military Incentive Program (GIMP)

The GIMP is a program aimed at compensating eUSA citizens who fight for the eUSA in our nation's wars abroad or fights in training wars at home. GIMP is currently run by dmjohnston. The program essentially pays players based on the damage they've done, experienced gained and levels earned. To sign up for the GIMP, keep an eye on the national feed and look out for dmjohnston's post announcing GIMP for that week. Follow the instructions on the post (which includes signing up via form), fight for your country and then wait to get paid for it. GIMP is paid out weekly.
End of Q1 Housing Program

The Department of the Interior is sad to announce the end of the D1 Housing Program. The program, which intended to provide Q1 housing to D1 and D2 players, was ended by Congress due to the fact that the program was largely used by D3 and D4 players. Most of Congress believed that if the program was not benefiting new players, as was intended, it should be scrapped and its funds used for other social programs.