An Open Letter to Kaliningrad

Day 604, 13:06 Published in Russia Bulgaria by Jewitt
16 July, 2009, Day 604 of the New World - The world is plunging headfirst into a global war. The month-long peace which existed was occasionally rocked by resistance wars started by the eAmericans and other post-Atlantis nations. Sovereignty, the right to govern oneself, was the basis for eUSA Foreign Policy at the fall of Atlantis. Regrettably, the eUSA has made several mistakes in the past. President Dover invaded France, President Sam did the same to Mexico. Scrabman, unfortunately, attacked Russia despite heavy disagreement from his Cabinet advisers.

The eAmerican populace and the eAmerican government do believe in sovereignty, and this is something we have tried to push for a while: post-Atlantis (Fortis, EDEN), PEACE, or neutral. However, some people in the eWorld still see us as imperialists, as those which have constantly failed and will always fail. But we have given freedom to Israel and many portions of Greece without declaring war on anything other than oppression. We have fought for peaceful accords with neutral nations, and have condemned any political takeover attempts from private eAmerican citizens in new countries.

It is no secret to many around the eWorld that I am someone who studies economies, observing all markets, watching, and learning. Hungary has the Urals region for one reason: Iron. They have invested over a thousand GOLD in it. It currently is one of the most highly invested in regions on the eGlobe. When will they turn it over to its rightful owners? When the eUnited States is dead and gone? When a new world order of a true Global Community becomes fact? No nation will turn over a region with that much money invested in it. Face the facts, Russians: You've been jewed (Hell, just look at my name. I would know!). Will you protest to the PEACE leadership? Hungary has one of the largest PTO forces on the globe - they could easily run in and just do what they wanted. Who would PEACE support? Hungary, or Russia?

The eAmerican Government, like so many others, has made mistakes in the past. As we try to right our wrongs, we now stand on our shores fighting for what we have tried to bring to so many other nations over the past few months: Freedom, Independence, and Liberty. Please, do not make the same mistake we did and wait for PEACE G.C., or Hungary, to come in and take your nation before realizing your true calling in the eWorld. I fear that the eUnited States will not be able to stand alone for much longer - who will help you then Russia? Who will free Urals, or any other region that may be taken by PEACE? Will Indonesia? Will Iran? Do you trust any of them with your regions? Do you trust any of them to remain as your allies when the eUSA is gone?

I ask a simple thing of you, eRussia: Should you put aside our past differences for a new future, or risk what happens after "Checkmate" has been called in Europe and the Americas?

Written by Jewitt, Chief Editor
Edited by WahooBob, Field Correspondent

This has been a private publication and does not express the views of the eUnited States of America Government.