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An Introduction to Rikian1776

Day 1,726, 17:23 Published in Ireland United Kingdom by Rikian1776

Hello everyone! My name is Rikian1776, but you can call me Rikian. I'm still relatively new to the game of eRepublik, but I have taken to it like a fish to water. I spend a great deal of time in-game and I have tried my hardest to get involved and help in any way possible.

To my surprise, I was even named the Newcomer to Watch by the eIrish Community!

While I learned to play the game, I had a lot of fun with the military campaigns as well as reading the various articles that were being published. The former is what I jumped into the hardest. The military aspect of the game is very interesting to me. I bought lots of Q6 tanks when I got the money and fought everyday! (I still fight everyday, by the way.) It was great fighting alongside my fellow eIrish citizens in Boot Camp. I also joined the Irish Freedom Party. The people of IFP are gems in the Irish community and they have all helped me find my place. This feeling of belonging helped keep me active and interested in the game.

My involvement in the IFP helped me become a congressman this last election cycle, which is something I am really enjoying. I hope to help Ireland as much as possible in anyway that I can.

I am also the Minister of Immigration, which is something I am excited about. I will touch on this in another article. (An article I am currently writing.)

My love of Boot Camp eventually led to me becoming its Quartermaster as well as its Commander. This is also something I will touch on in another article.(Another article I am currently writing.)

I hope this helps gives me a proper introduction. If you have any questions or want to get a hold of me, just send me a message. 🙂

Take care, everyone!




o Gravy
o Gravy Day 1,727, 01:11

gj mate

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,727, 01:20

Rikian was indeed always one to watch. Glad to see you took on the QM role and wish you the best of luck.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,727, 01:45

Good luck in you're new roles, Rikian

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Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 1,727, 05:59

your great man

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,727, 06:14

Nice to read something positive, good for you, have fun.

runningtings Day 1,728, 04:25

Nice to read something positive, good for you, have fun.


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,728, 04:41


castaneda Day 1,728, 14:58

Best o Luck

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