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An interview with Veprina...|Justice Party will have Justice!

Day 1,919, 08:43 Published in Japan Venezuela by Sanoyel Doenza

Hello dear readers, and all the other eJP citizens;
Our guest is; Veprina22;

Sanoyel Doenza: Let's start then. 🙂
Why you( not all eSerbs) are here? And why Constantine MU here? Can you explain with details?
Veprina 22: Well, i come here as an ambassador of eSerbia, soo i started to improve relationship with eJapan and eSerbia, i had several very god actions and provided eSerbian MPP for several months for free. I have been ambassador for two months. But then, i notice that there are soo much inactive people who are not doing anything for liberation, and seems like they don't care at all. Soo i decided to stay, quits my job as eSerbian ambassador and become active member of Dai Nippon party and true eJapanese(changed my avatar, start writing english only, become much more active on forum). In the same time, i discovered a Serbian community here(not eSerbian, flag on avatar represents RL country from which they come and avatar of unit they are members of) , and even if there are good and reasonable people in Dai Nippon, i decide do join Sakurakai back then, because they were trying much harder to do something worth attention, and strenghten eJapan. Because of my activity, they chosen me for public speaker. After that, i also become Ambassador of eJapan in eSerbia, and Congress member. Now i am fighting for liberation, checking applicants on forum and fighting against home traitors. My friend Robert found new unit recently, and i like it, soo i joined: (everything is on turkish because i recently read one of you older articles 😛).
Constantine MU is here for a simple reason, eSerbia as a state, started to behave bad with a PM MU's, soo the unit decide do change country. They have resources, companies in eSerbia and they are becoming strong eJapanese military unit.(it's better having companies in 10/10 resource state.) They are focusing on eJapan military plans, and they are not fighting organised for eSerbia anymore. They also told me a new plan, which is to preserve all of the damage that we get from finishing CUPID mission for next RW, I accept theirs order like it's mine, because it has good point. You should do that too 😉
Sanoyel Doenza: What did you mean with ' (everything is on turkish because i recently read one of you older articles 😛)' i didn't got it really. 😕 And, thanks for your suggestion, i've plans which will help eJP( as i beliave.). What do you think about coming Constantine members' way to help eJP like taking Sakurakai's controll? And why didn't you joined SSG or ULJ, why Dai Nippon? And last, if people who are coming from eSerbia trying to help us why they are still using Serbian flag? 🙂
Veprina 22:
because, when you open something what is written in other language, erep change you language of your page 😃 I didn't been there in that time, but after resarch i made, it's obvious that Sakurakai wasn't really an active party, and people who won's election didn't do that because of taking over evil plan or something like that, they just wanted active politics. I answered on flag question above, we are proud people in RL life, and use our flag to show it. But here i don't think that something trivial like avatar would have such an impact on us being true eJapanese. Yes, we are the Serbs in RL, yes, we are showing it here, but we are eJapanese ingame, and we are showing it every day. The problem comes when we don't accept lazy, everything is cool politics when we are under ocupation. RL Japan has never been under ocupation for a long time, and people who are older eJapanese then me, try's to present that we should do nothing and even stay ocupied. That is not Japanese, or eJapanese way to behave, we fight against it, and then we are called PTOers because of our fight.
I joined Dai Nippon basicly because of the numbers, i had toughts that it will be beneficial if i have chance to talk to solid number of people. Later, i stayed in Nippon Power MU as a captain of 9regiment (3rd strongest in the unit) and change party to most active one.
Sanoyel Doenza: ' after resarch i made... Sakurakai wasn't really an active party...' Did you ever tried to ask people who are SKK's member before Serbs in this research? And being Serbian in RL means bringing Serbian flag to Japanese Politics? And last one, do you know why older eJP said you that stay under ocupied and didn't they tried anything even diplomatics?
Veprina 22: I did ask, as a mater of facts, but noone answer me 😕
And i havent been here back then, soo i don't want to judge anything, it's just my toughts.
It's not us who are bringing Serbian flag into eJapanese politics, it's those people who cannot find anything against us, soo they use such things as a flag on avatar.
I assume that older eJP thinks that that will protect them from PTOers, but we are not PTOers, we are new generation, with an energy to shake up this part of eAsia. We are getting support each day, because noone wants to be in eJapan which is ocupied and destroyed mostly because bad politics, and worse politicians. We are fixing that thing. People who are playing this game will rembember eJapan as a strong, well organised and mix-popularity society, respected form friends and enemy's, capable of repeling attacks from far stronger eCountry's. That is my dream, and i have every reason to belive in it, because we are on the good path, we are the good boys and girls here. People who don't like us, they do it because of theirs lack of vision and will to progress, not because we are doing something bad.
Sanoyel Doenza: ' I did ask, as a mater of facts, but noone answer me' What a pity, did you ever tried to find Sakurakai's last PP? And ask him what happened?
' It's not us who are bringing Serbian flag' I mean, why are you using Serbian flag as a political party's avatar? This party belongs to Serbians? Or eSerbia? Isn't it just belongs to eJapan?
And, ' eJapan as a strong, well organised and mix-popularity society' if we have mix-popularity society, why more Serbian friends coming? And why there is a party which has just Serbian members?
Veprina 22:
It's not my thing Sanoyel, i am not political analitic, i am just a politician, i just wanted to see what happens, and i didn't find anything wrong with that elections, my examination stops there. When Sakurakai put 4 candidates on voting, and one player from Serbia, which is 5 candidates, i thing that they weren't under PTO threat, if they were, they would fokus only on one candidate. And as you can see, Serbian people allways have beetwean 16-20 votes, so i consider it democratic win:

even less, only 11 votes

It's just an avatar, everyone is free to join, and probably the avatar will be changed soo you will have to start finding new reason to attacking.
I repeated countless number of time that everyone is welcome.

Serbians coming because they want to, as you can see from recent activity on forum and IRC we are accepting everyone, doesn't matter from where he is, if he is good guy. It's just that Serbians are huge in numbers, the country with the most players in the game, that is why they are coming, they see what we did, how much we are immproving and want to be part of it. Did you notice how many old eJapanese who leaved before, now wants to come back?
Sanoyel Doenza:
' When Sakurakai put 4 candidates on voting, and one player from Serbia, which is 5 candidates...' The real subject you are missing is coming Serbian members to SKK is not started with this pics. These are pics which shows after real SKK members left.

" you will have to start finding new reason " I'm trying to be kind as much as i can but how dare you can say this? I'm just asking questions that people wonders.

" Serbians coming because they want to, as you can see from recent activity on forum and IRC we are accepting everyone" Isn't it dangerous for a eCountry to have unjust distribution of public? I mean, if %20 of public is Serbian or Turk or another, is this country still eJP or is it Little eSerbia/eTR..?

" how many old eJapanese who leaved before, now wants to come back?" You are saying you helped country and let us free. But they are saying coming more eSerbians are the biggest problem of eJP and they can't stand it. What do you think about it? 🙂
Veprina 22:
Why did they left? If that party was soo sacred for them, why did they didn't defend it? It's easy to kick out potential ptoers in the begining, they have no exuse for abandoning the party. Noone force them to do that. They could deal with that "takeover" easily.

I am sorry, you say one more question 5 questions ago, i don't know what are you waiting for me to say? "That we are PTOers and we want to make new eSerbia?" i will say that if it will be good for your readers to start drama? I am really kind now, but your questions are really on "offense".

Is that our fault? First of all, there is no law who preventes such a thing. Second: We will say no to a Tank of 25000+ strenght with no political interess, just to fight for eJapan because we filled the quote? and because he is from eSerbia? Blame the game for that, not us, we are not chosing who want's to come. When Squibell accept Ivanuable(correct me if i made mistake with nick) we were most happy guys in eWorld.
I will repeat myself third time: Serbs are bigest population ingame, theirs migration in big number is logical, take a look in all country's, doesn't matter are they big or small. If you don't find at least one guy from eSerbia waiting for CS, then it's something wrong. We cannot control that, and we are not trying to. It's just happening. They want to come. We rejected a lot of people from eSerbia because of danger of real PTO, or iracional behavior. All the people from eSerbia that are now considered eJapanese and only eJapanese, are well selected, and top class players, noone of them have a bad things done in history, not a single one.
Sanoyel Doenza:
Oh, i wasn't trying to say ' last one' with ' one more'. But if people who is not Geezus' friend or coming from eSerbia calling you PTOer, isn't there any problem really? I mean if there is no fault of you or another one, if everything is going well and there is nothing that let them call you PTOer, why they're calling you like this?
Veprina 22:
I don't see problem in that, most of the people who called us like that are: inactive(some guys who i am not seen for over 4 months in any article or on forum, acusse us for PTO, and they are not even playing serious, or have any clue what is going on), trolls, people who are declaring themself for emperor even if they fights against eJapan, and all toghether didn't do anything good for eJapan since i rembember...
Any normal people who are not in the groups i mentioned, not caling us PTOers, because they see what are we doing, and how do we do it, and most of them see us as a good guys, because we are doing something good, or at least we are trying. Most of them also called us PTOers before, but they become more reasonable to see that it's nonsence.
Only the groups from above continued to do that. Soo why would we bother with those guys? They can calls us monkeys if they want, it will not change a thing.
I have most respect for Oriazan, Auraborus, Ardishbutaro, Usu, Lucifel, Yagami, Darshu, Akki.... they are Ok guys and girls, and every day more of them showing that they are ok with us. They care about development of eJapan, like we do, soo we could talk like normal persons. It's enough for me.
Sanoyel Doenza:
Thank you for your answers. 🙂 ASAP i will publish it. 🙂
Veprina 22:
And a signature:
Samurai warrior of eJapan
CtG public speaker
Ambassador of eJapan in eSerbia.
please publish entire conversation 😃 Thank you 😃

Veprina 22: And yes, i see Turkish flag on your avatar, did i ever use it as an exuse to attack you politicly??? No i havent, because it's not important to us.
Veprina 22: You didn't answer me, did i ever attacked you because of Turkish flag on your avatar?

Sorry for can't answering this questions, ( ı think) because of flash and java of my ' very old' computer i didn't see them. And i was asking Serbian Flag in Party's avatar not personal. And last, Veprina didn't atacked me about that. xd

And our second little subject is Justice Party of Japan!

Our party here to let eJP gain more simple and better politics than complicated and unjust poltics. Because of this unjust situation, we will have justice!


God save the Imperial Sun!



Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,919, 08:44

First denied.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,919, 08:52

Check party avatar now 😉

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,919, 14:17

I see. 🙂

ahava3233 Day 1,920, 01:45


ardishabutaro Day 1,920, 00:44

my name include! copyright! xD

Gospodin Admiral
Gospodin Admiral Day 1,919, 09:37


tarasino Day 1,919, 10:25

veprina, yes or no are also viable answering options in an interview! xD

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,919, 12:46

If there were yes or no questions i would answer in the same manner 😃

Veprina 22 Day 1,919, 12:47

Comment deleted

Veljko.mj Day 1,919, 10:57

Veprina 22 o7

robi2202 Day 1,919, 12:13

Veprina 22 o/
but no vote

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,921, 05:41

Thanks so so much. I really don't want people's who same as you votes. 🙂

robi2202 Day 1,921, 05:55

mmmmmmmmmmmmm sorry do you know me from somewhere?

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,921, 15:22

mmm does it cahnge anything?

arhangellord Day 1,919, 13:29

Veprina 22 o7

Angelkovic Day 1,919, 14:16

Kakva klasichna provokacija.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,919, 14:19

all the way...

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,920, 06:18


Angelkovic Day 1,919, 14:26

Comment deleted

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,919, 19:06


Mire tica Feniks
Mire tica Feniks Day 1,921, 23:39


Angelkovic Day 1,921, 04:53

Sanoyel Doenza,
i wrotte *this is provocation*
Change your avatar please!
It's not japanese!

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,921, 05:40

Lol, personal avatar is none of your bussines. And you can see nothing that is not about eJP in our Party avatar. 🙂

Angelkovic Day 1,921, 06:14

You have OtoBan symbol on avatar!
You`r ptoer!

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,921, 15:22

But, it's still none of your bussines?

Angelkovic Day 1,921, 16:07

Yes it is!
Change avatar!
You'r not bether than us.
Shame on your self!

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