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An eUnited States Emergency Broadcast: A State of Emergency Has Been Declared.

Day 1,766, 20:33 Published in USA USA by Candor
FREE Congressional seats! Hurry!

The eUnited States Department of Defense has issues the following Emergency Broadcast on all channels:

MEMO - Terrorist Threat
Alert Level: National State of Emergency

Day 1767

Fellow Americans,

The primary interest of the Department of Defense is to utilize the full fighting capacity of the eUnited States of America for the most effective protection of our sovereignty and security. When there is any threat to the present or future capacity to protect our Nation militarily, the DoD must raise action to prevent that threat.

We are on the eve of a very clear and present danger which absolutely threatens our Nation’s capacity to defend its territories and fight for our interests. A reprobate citizen of eUSA, along with a contemptible cast of characters has fashioned a new Political Party called American Freedom Alliance.

National State of Emergency

The AFA has set itself on a mission to accomplish the theft of the National Treasury by seizing Congressional Power.

Their method for this is simple:

First become a top 5 Party
Second win as many Congressional seats as possible
Third immigrate as many enemy foreigners as possible, swelling their voter base.
Fourth take a Congressional majority (and if possible the White House)
Fifth pass law after law transferring money from the US Treasury into our Enemies’ banks.

Because this clear and present danger has grown to the level of a National State of Emergency, the current White House has declared the American Freedom Alliance to be a Terrorists organization.

The Department of Defense is STRONGLY URGING all members of the USAF and all concerned citizens to do the following:

1 – Please join the Federalist Party or the INCI Party (SOUTH CAROLINA ULKU OCAKLARI). You are not being asked to become a Federalist or INCI, you are merely being asked to loan yourself to those Parties for 5 days.

2 – Shout this article. Urge all of your friends to join one of those two parties.

3 – On election day 9/25/12, vote for ANY party except the AFA. DoD will not dictate what Party you ought to vote for, only what party you ought NOT vote for. It is imperative you understand that voting for AFA is a terrorist act.

4 – If you HAVE joined AFA, either because you thought their message sounded good or for any other reason, LEAVE IT NOW. Because AFA has been determined to be a Terrorist hive, every single member is being tracked by the CIA. If your membership is with AFA, you risk being placed on a blacklist which will permanently hinder your political future in this country.

5 – Continue to follow the recommendations of your President, his Advisors, his Cabinet, and the various Departments charged with our protection.

IGNORE ANY REQUEST to get involved in the American Freedom Alliance.

National State of Emergency

Secretary of Defense


National State of Emergency

Tl:dr version: Move to whichever party is ranked lowest of either Feds or iNCi.

SHOUT the release or this article CONSTANTLY through the evening of the 23rd.

FREE Congressional seats for ANYONE!



Bucephalus92 Day 1,766, 20:51

S**ts about to go down

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,766, 21:09


Grabs Popcorn

Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Day 1,766, 21:29

This is going to be interesting.

BeachBunny Day 1,766, 21:59


Hands out beer to everyone.

Thedillpickl Day 1,767, 00:47

/me /me /me /me * hiccup* /me /em *hiccup* m/e em/ em/ em/

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,767, 04:24

Pours a Buttershot for who has the salt...?

Astraeus II
Astraeus II Day 1,767, 09:25

/me gets out my butterbeer to prepare for the worst.

crisfire Day 1,767, 09:45

its been 13 hours.........

I havent eaten, i havent slept, i called in sick to work and I burnt my toast becuase im sitting here constantly refreshing the screen waiting for the Emergency Alert

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,767, 10:19

/me pulls up the lawn chair and opens the cooler

Thedillpickl Day 1,767, 12:26

Actual Congress Whip update:


Poland has been proposed as Natural Enemy.
Nothing about this on the forum.
Either hold your vote or vote NO.

BTW, I'm the Whip. 😃:D

Cthulhu.. Day 1,767, 16:21


/me sits next to Bia with a couple o forties

Thedillpickl Day 1,767, 16:45

Poland thing is lulz, FYROM NE is not.

AFA is PTO threat, INCi is not.

eWorld crashes and burns, film at eleven.

Norbengo Day 1,767, 17:06

You old RL nolifers take this role playing to far, we are just having fun with you :😁
it is impossible to PTO an eNation with 3000+ active players ; )

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,767, 17:12

@Norbengo wanna bet ?! xD

Norbengo Day 1,767, 17:17

Not really xD

Bucephalus92 Day 1,767, 19:32


"You old RL nolifers take this role playing to far, we are just having fun with you 🙂
it is impossible to PTO an eNation with 3000+ active players ; ) "

Hanibal LA: "@Norbengo wanna bet ?! xD"
thats funny, I thought you were still pretending that you weren't a PTO

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,767, 21:52

/me sticks hand in pants and yawns

BeDva Day 1,768, 02:21

again no mention of who these PTOers actually are...
they are serbs and other exONE citizens, most of them good allies of your new buddy poland... while "edenites" will once again work with US government to stop those PTOers...
hail ctrl!

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