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An erep Meetup with Prizes! in Romania...

Day 1,827, 03:31 Published in Australia Australia by infin

So I read here that the EREP owners are planning to hold a global meetup in Bucharest, Romania. As an incentive they plan to be providing gold giveaways and free drinks at their party.

Plane trip to Bucharest, Romania and accommodation - $2,000

Some awesome gold giveaways - $200

Some free drinks - $200 (I can pack away a lot of piss)

Sounds like an awesome idea! Let's party like it's 1999! WOOHOO

Here is a photo of how I plan to be involved.



Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,827, 03:33


Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,827, 03:41


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,827, 03:43

Just makes me crave that Romania even more. NOT!

Schoft Day 1,829, 23:28

Melbourne (MEL) Fri 07 Dec 2012 22:25 Emirates Airlines EK407
Dubai (DXB) Sat 08 Dec 2012 05:30 (Next Day)
Dubai (DXB) Sat 08 Dec 2012 10:55 Emirates Airlines EK123
Istanbul (IST) Sat 08 Dec 2012 13:50
Istanbul (IST) Sat 08 Dec 2012 18:35 Tarom RO264
Bucharest (OTP) Sat 08 Dec 2012 19:50

2 stops

30h 25m < and this

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