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An ally of my ally

Day 1,760, 07:40 Published in USA USA by Ariakis

No - it isn't the troll article I promised, also it's not the seriousstuff article I have in mind. One famous quote says that An enemy of my enemy is my friend, but what should go for A friend of my friend is...?

Battle no. 4,tnZ9X,Boy63,12hza,5dxwX,pzoC0,1BFb3#6

So, what do you think - who is an ally of my ally?
And what will eUS government say if the next rouge NE proposal will be directed against the certain green country?

And one might also ask why the strongest country when it comes to raw damage has so much problems against the 5th one, which is almost 3 times weaker? While having the battle set as CotD and is fighting home. 🙂

Yours truly pTOing



TemujinBC Day 1,760, 07:43



Dryblas Day 1,760, 07:45


staruszek Day 1,760, 07:50

Ty naprawde sie ta gra przejmujesz ..

Prophet009 Day 1,760, 07:54

so if mpp means being allied with someone, and if USA doesn't has mpp with Croatia so that means those countries aren't allies anymore?

Ok, seems legit.

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,760, 07:55


thaddaus Day 1,760, 07:56

who need enemies with such friends?

matishere Day 1,760, 07:59

so if mpp doesn't mean being allied with someone, and if USA has mpp with Poland so that means those countries aren't allies?

Ok, seems fu**ed up.

Ariakis Day 1,760, 08:00

Prophet - if MPP comes with a channel for coordination, lulzy name such as Fellowship, and the only thing missing is HQ then I would definitely call that an alliance.

As for Croatia and USA dunno - ask Stevens next time you'll be signing NAPs.

Rona1d Day 1,760, 08:06

XDDDD now, i dont car for Poland or Spsin but Macedonia deserve to be punished for take Aquitaine for us, as in other way the're proCOT and we don't need a country with 10/10 bonuses in our borders

Prophet009 Day 1,760, 08:07

I didn't say having mpp means that countries arent allies tho matishere.

"Prophet - if MPP comes with a channel for coordination"
Nope, for long time not.

HannyaTR Day 1,760, 08:31

v for vendetta. we should fight against macedonia in their RW's. this will be a great response to them.

Plainswalker Day 1,760, 09:24

why can't we all just peacefully kill each other : )

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,760, 10:18

The relation between FYROM and USA might have influence of Spoland, but not necessarily.

This articles seems to be a fail flaming.

Ariakis Day 1,760, 10:58

Nope - it's rather questioning about the point of siding with countries that keep friendly relations and cooperate closely with a nation that is hostile towards US.

Romper Day 1,760, 15:21

but why are Lolaks hitting against eUSA? Aren't they the best bros?

Romper Day 1,760, 15:26

vigon, at least eUSA showed bawls when threatened. What did you do when Bulgaria landed in South America? Signed MPP with Loland and refused to NE Bulgaria to keep that MPP. I don't see eUSA sweating about Spaniards MPP.

Black Sonia
Black Sonia Day 1,760, 16:53


Sztandar Day 1,761, 16:11

Careful, Vigon. You are one step away from becoming a traitor.

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