Americans=Decoder Using Idiots

Day 422, 12:41 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by The Eco State

I just looked on the US forums and the first topic I looked at was a topic about decoders, I thought OK probably a topic about is it right to use them or not BUT NO it is a topic started by (Benn Dover an ex-US prez and respected by players) about how to use one it provided a link and full instructions. Also the creator of it speaks about how great it is and how cheating is good. WHAT A BUNCH OF JERKS (not you dish and any British Americans) even the new prez knows about it and does nothing about it so therefore supports it.

This is a whole country of cheaters but thankfully there are quite a few ppl that oppose in the eUSA so they are fine but it makes me so dam angry because decoders damage the environment as well as cheating eRep. I hope you nice non decoding people from the eUK support me on this as well as every other anti-decoder supporters.