Day 446, 13:35 Published in USA Russia by GeekyGator

Those of you who are familiar with me back from the beta days will remember how the eUS used to be.

Those of you who weren't do not know what they are missing. You may not notice it today, but the eUS is decidedly serious. And by serious, I do not mean the type of serious that you praise in a young student, or the type of serious that the threat of war calls for. Rather, I'm talking about the type of serious that might be more accurately described as "boring".

What I'm talking about is very hard to describe without having something to compare it to- which most of the citizens who joined after V1 probably do not have. The quality that eAmerica now lacks is a carefree, joking one. The type of quality that, when found in a man, is described by others as him "knowing how to have fun".

Perhaps I am a relic from another time period, but when I was in congress, it would be unthinkable to start a post with

"All apologies to my esteemed colleagues, is appears that when mistakenly hitting the 'remove topic' button there is no default confirmation."

Rather, it would be much more acceptable to begin a discussion with

"Let's be clear here, USWP is a load of pinko commies, and a bunch of retarded populist drones at that."

and certain citizens, particularly Emerick, would skip everything except "COMMIES!"

This is not to say that we didn't know how to get things done, or that all of our humor was juvenile. Expertly crafted satire was one of the mainstays of the media. One of the most well known citizens both then and now is named "Benn Dover". And when the time came, the beta users of the eUS were just as fast and effective as any V1 group. We all knew there was a time and a place for both sarcastically referring to your opposition as communists and hammering out details of a trade deal. And yes, perhaps we were a little too silly at times, but we certainly were better off for it than we are now.

Simply put, eAmerica, you are goddamn boring.

I'm not sure if this situation can be fixed. It may be an inevitable result of the new crop of citizens that currently are running things. But I do see signs of life- such as the wood company Insert Erection Joke Here. Even if it can be fixed, I'm no sociologist, and I wouldn't know the first step.

So I'll put it this way- America, stop being stuck-up, humorless drones. Yes, fundamentally, eRep comes down to "playing a lot of spreadsheets", but only if you decide to have the humor capacity of a CPA. The game is a simulation of politics, but it's also on the internet, a place famous for the word "lulz" and the Rick Roll. We're being presidents and ministers, but most of us are also teenagers who probably enjoy making sex jokes.

If you have any life left in you, you'll figure out how to bring back the lulz.

BBTL: Bring Back The Lulz Campaign