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America Must Help Macedonia

Day 1,956, 15:56 Published in USA USA by Valdir David

Today was a day of an intesety batle between macedonia and iran, iran is distroing macedonia...we AMERICAN must help ours macedonia brothers...vd



Tirunus Day 1,956, 21:25

You are a fool to believe they are our friends.

Thomas Wessel
Thomas Wessel Day 1,957, 13:02

No. Nuff said. A lvl 20 newbie commanding the US? Just forget it... We all got things to do and receive orders from out commanders.

AlmightySo Day 1,957, 14:57

Yo guys, hes to the game. He does not know about much but is trying to be helpful and make something for the better cause. To go down on him and call him a "fool" and a "lvl 20 newbie commanding the US" is outright disgraceful. We are trying to get people like Valdir David to stay here in the US and help us. And have a enjoyable time in the game. Putting him down does nothing for your or for him....

bigcdizzle Day 1,957, 18:04

FYROM and USA don't have the greatest relationship.

Valdir David
Valdir David Day 1,962, 08:55

As Americans we have to fight for peace among peoples, and promoting global stability should be punished by the largest state forces and the United States are a power.

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