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America: A Culture of Duality

Day 1,904, 14:37 Published in USA USA by GloveisLove

I consider myself apathetic to events over the course of these last several months. But those who still linger on, do you really know what you want?

I will take for example this election.

I have made it no secret, Candor was my favorite this election. Not because I think he will make America great again, but because I believe he will do what no one else has done for a long time---challenge the status quo, and empower the general populace. If you saw his platform, I guess it could be summarized as basically: different, lolzy, gutsy, and inclusive.

This is something I have always been a proponent of. There is a council of fellow Americans that believe they know what is best for you and the nation, and they take their legacies, their experience, and their age to justify their ranks and power-hold.

I have never been a believer of any of that.

I have always believed the commoner is can be as skilled and successful as the most renowned player amongst us. But it takes will, and leadership. When the status quo is threatened, the first thing that happens is that those in power will derail the emerging power. They will de-legitimatize the opponent to the best of their ability.

I saw this occur this election when I received a message from a follow WTP, and I called him out on it. They assured me it was for the best of the nation.

But do they really know what is best for the nation?

Do you really feel like you are playing the game, or do you feel that you are being protected, nay, held in your room all day, told you can’t go outside because the world is dangerous.
Because that is the emerging theme I have been noticing, election upon election, baton-toss to baton-toss.

But this is something that has been embedded in eAmerican culture for a long, long, time.

Back in the day, the eUSA routinely did “safe” checks, to ensure people weren’t open to the idea of allying Phoenix. I’m sure many of you remember this.

But if you’re aware, at one point, the [Executive’] sincerely considered the idea, although the government and military routinely “purged” their ranks of people considered to be affiliated with them.
We really have a long history of duality.

And when ruling partys feel threatened, they always, always, always, find an enemy, de-legitimize them, all under the name of national security.
If it wasn’t USWP calling SEES a group of terrorists, racists, and general fgts, it was the Executive calling INCI PTOers, or the Executive calling the JCS un-American and unpatriotic, the Executive calling people who defended once close allies [Canada] traitors, or the Executive calling those who refuse to fight for countries we’ve always been at war with, a threat to America.

Our foreign policy is incomprehensible, our party politics is laughable, and our reputation abroad loathsome.

Once upon a time, partys fought against one another, when presidents were elected, not appointed, when partys dismantled the other or vigorously campaigned to get their people elected---only those best capable could hold seats, those well-liked, and those who showed potential. Now we have an orgy of medal collectors.

Many of you complain that you want change, that you are sick of the same thing, over and over again, but really, what have you done to change that? All it takes is one person to spark a movement, but if you do not leave your room, you will never know what you could have done.

We are told to vote for unity. What are you really uniting for? I mean no disrespect to John Killah, but I don’t feel like anyone should be compelled to vote for anyone under the name of “unity.”

When is the last time you had a say in what goes on internationally? I don’t see Congress as an adequate representation of the general populace’s will, because it consists of people well accommodated with their position, people who have been here a long time and know how to get their way, but there is a whole underground portion of the eUSA that will never have their moment to shine, because they are not allowed, because they are told to stay in their room all day, because it is safe.

It’s time to stop living in fear. Only then will those best capable will take the reins, and only then, will we see America become influential and respected. Or at the very least, we’d have some crazy wars, instead of picking on nations 1/10 our size.

America is King Kong, but we’re acting like diddy kong, and you should all be ashamed.

I hope a Gladiator emerges, because the Republic is in dire need.



GloveisLove Day 1,904, 14:38

Silent Leges Inter Arma

Cthulhu.. Day 1,904, 14:51

I am still here babe.


Syz2 Day 1,904, 14:54

I voted for Killah, not just for Unity's sake.

BlackStormChR Day 1,904, 14:54

V 🙂

Blacksat Day 1,904, 15:02

Take the reigns again man 🙁

FirstLaw Day 1,904, 15:55

It's strange, Glove. When you were president, you gave us direct democracy and we wiped Indonesia. Now we have no bonuses, a crippling tax rate and have been outwitted by two bush-league asian nations. Sometimes you seem to be the only person that has a clue about running a country.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,904, 16:10


wingfield Day 1,904, 16:30

Voted and subscribed!

Yluss Day 1,904, 16:46

great bro, I can copy/paste this all into brazilian media and it will fit perfectly 😃


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,904, 16:48

I think I'll just leave this here...

Capn. Gertrude Firepants
Capn. Gertrude Firepants Day 1,904, 16:58

Serbs to Congress, Huns for POtUS deserbe it.

Claudio Torch
Claudio Torch Day 1,904, 17:01


John Wilander
John Wilander Day 1,904, 17:07

Glove I have been a supporter even through the darkest days of the one world tour. Thanks for this refreshing piece.

Our system is deeply corrupt with a few or party bosses calling the shots honestly I despise both systems both the AFA and the Coalition.

Candor is and was a great third option he accepted AFA's nomination because he had to not because he agrees with the AFA necessarily. He assembled a great cabinet bridging the gap between all the parties in many ways. I am of the USWP I was chosen to be his DoAA (upon his election). I have received applications from members of all top 5 parties and many of the top 20. And in two days with Candor's support a team was assembled and for the first time sense Fingergun's DoAA went AWOL we had a semi functional ambassadors program.

Gessho Day 1,904, 17:08

Great article, Glove. V+S

Pfeiffer. Day 1,904, 17:23

bored again?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,904, 17:29

I like when Glove wakes up from his hibernations.

TemujinBC Day 1,904, 17:32

\o/ Diddy Kong \o/

Candor Day 1,904, 17:37

They'll burn the house down around them before changing Glove, is what it is. Great artile from a man who leads rather than follows, thinks independently rather than group-thinks-and self -congratulations.

We've been PTO'd for quite awhile now Glove. It reminds me of those zombie movies, where only a few without the infection walk amongst the hordes.

If ONLY AFA were America's real problem. If only.

Voted my friend.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,904, 17:40

You mean SEES weren't a bunch of terrorists, racists and general fgts?

I've been lied to for so long...

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,904, 17:42


John Wilander
John Wilander Day 1,904, 17:48

If ONLY AFA were America's real problem. If only.


Bohemias Day 1,904, 18:00

Beautiful article!

It could be writen to Brazilians with a lot of same passages as my friend Yluss comment to me.

Zetrock Day 1,904, 18:10

Voted. As my comrades said before me, it fits Brazilian politics just as well as yours. Keep up the good work! 🙂

SColbert Day 1,904, 18:41


Wish you wouldn't disappear and come back randomly though.

AppleMan Day 1,904, 19:01

Perhaps it's time for x-pats who've played in other countries to come home and shake up those who think they're the establishment.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,904, 20:25

I wish that I could care.

JyM23 Day 1,904, 20:47

v & s

Hear, hear!

Don't run next month though, it's Zoli's turn.

D B C Day 1,904, 21:01

Voted ! ^^

bombonato Day 1,905, 23:07

power to the people is a double edged sword. politics and merits aren't always the best of friends... and status quo is rarely challenged from within.

having said that, I would rather see more accountability from our government and parties. no trolling, just a timeline with what is promised and what is delivered.

only then will people understand why moving forward and moving on are sometimes two and the same.

GregoryG Day 1,905, 01:32

We are the middle children of the history man.
No purpose or place.
We have no great war, we have no great depression.
Our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives.

Viarizi Day 1,905, 02:00

AFA is not America's problem, WE ARE AMERICA!

Tiacha Day 1,905, 05:02

I always love your articles.

PigInZen Day 1,905, 06:07

When did anyone have any say in foreign policy? Not even CPs have much say, to be fair.

And it's easy to leave a generic strawman out there to beat against but the eUSA forums are open to all to come and discuss the game but oddly, not many do.

GloveisLove Day 1,905, 07:07


I disagree, Cps have large influence in foreign policy, in fact I'd argue they have the most influence. The Executive has always been our most predominant force.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,905, 11:57

Glove is Love

Deificus Day 1,905, 17:12

>I disagree, Cps have large influence in foreign policy, in fact I'd argue they have the most influence.

In general, I'll agree with Glove on that.

Now, internationally speaking... no, the POTUS doesn't have the most say necessarily. If POTUS wants an MPP with a country and said country doesn't want to return the favor... it's just not going to happen, stop dreaming. But internally, it's almost entirely up to the POTUS. The POTUS will receive large amounts of counsel on the matter from their State Dept, advisers, possibly other allies -- and it may not even be his/her idea -- but it won't get done unless the POTUS wills it.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,905, 18:01

'And it's easy to leave a generic strawman out there to beat against but the eUSA forums are open to all to come and discuss the game but oddly, not many do.'

Why would anyone want to join the eUS Forums to discuss the game? They do and like Jason Statham Jr. they get attacked by your toxic a@@ clown bullies. Then you have the FN audacity to come here and complain that no body goes there to discuss issues.

Devoid Day 1,905, 19:33

Glove is completely right, as usual.

Mr. Archer
Mr. Archer Day 1,905, 20:37

Unity sucks.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,906, 01:55

this is all well and good but you contributed to the problem. you included diehard pfeifferists like gnilraps in the upper echelons of your cabinet and betrayed your own base which caused RLC Congressmen to impeach their own candidate. the country would change if enough people had the eCourage to do everything that must be done.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,906, 04:32

^^^^The first an foremost need is getting rid of your dumb a@@....

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,908, 00:36

The reason you believe anyone can run a country is because you have done so without any qualifications to actually be successful. The amount of money you have spent during your terms was staggering, and with the condition the game economy is in, its effects are being felt much more acutely than you can imagine.

Yeah, but enough with the boring details! IT'S THE PEOPLE!! DAMN ELITISTS!!

As if the parties weren't dying to get new active members. As if eUS hasn't seen an explosion in young members shining in various positions. But whatever sails your boat, man.

GloveisLove Day 1,908, 09:13


I barely spent a dime my 3rd term, and still managed to wipe Indos and Mexico and keep all our resources.

I can't say the same for the 2nd term, but as I've told you several times, I would of done anything to prevent America's FIRST wipe.

But seems you will never understand that.

But you are right, I ran a country without any "qualifications," three times. And I think I did okay, results were mixed every term, but you can't say that I definitely did not impact the international stage (which you guys are trying to tell me that the CP has little influence in). That's simply wrong.

You can't change foreign policy over night, but you can damn well shape it, ie: St Krems & Terra.

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