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Ambassador Program Now Hiring!

Day 2,467, 13:51 Published in USA USA by Department of State

When I took over the State Department on short notice in the first term, I was handed a nice transition document, as all incoming cabinet members receive. It had all of the pertinent information I needed to know going into the term. However, one thing was missing. There was no ambassador program link, spreadsheet or application. At the beginning of that term, I thought nothing of it. However, the ambassador program is something that needs to be brought back.

I’ve received various messages over the past month asking about the ambassador department and how they can join. People want to be active in the game and have a job other than clicking the fight button 25 times. They want to be of service to our nation by serving abroad and communicating with other countries and their leaders. This is an engaging program that is also helpful to the State Department’s functions.

Having an ambassador in each country makes the department a lot more efficient. It makes info gathering from every country much easier. Rather than having a couple people trying to keep tabs on every country, we get a report from all kinds of people about various nations.

With that, I am happy to announce the re-launch of the Ambassador Program.

So who are we looking for?

People who are willing to serve our nation.
People who want to get involved in foreign affairs.
People who are sociable.
People who are fluent in other languages.
People who are organized.
People willing to put in the time and effort to keep tabs on countries.

So if you’d like to help your nation, meet new people, and do something other than mash the fight button, take a chance and apply here to become an ambassador!



Derphoof Day 2,467, 13:52


Waruda Day 2,467, 13:54

Ambassador to Uranus

eazyjp Day 2,467, 15:47

everyone pto

all ptos

PD: EBM me sacude el tronco

AerysTargaryen Day 2,467, 15:51

I applied 🙂

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,468, 02:37

Voted hard!

P.S. Some might get scared from the requirement to know foreign languages - IT IS JUST A BONUS FOR US! People speak English almost everywhere, so English knowledge should be enough at most of the places.

PTIE Day 2,468, 04:20

Applied for this 🙂

Tanishq Day 2,468, 17:41


Yakattack Day 2,468, 18:25


kirintaimu Day 2,468, 20:19

v and s

Viarizi Day 2,468, 00:30

Really only 9 comments?! Did ppl used up all their comments in the mission?!?!

Anyways I will apply.

Garmr Day 2,469, 09:35

Hiring implies salary innit

Francis Joseph Underwood
Francis Joseph Underwood Day 2,470, 14:44

Applied, voted, subscribed! 🙂

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