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Day 389, 15:15 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Hey, after much thought and deliberation, here are the list of ambassadors.

Ambassador to Canada: Nithraldur
Ambassador to the UK: Sean Greene
Ambassador to the USA: Kiemar
Ambassador to Italy: Andredambreville
Ambassador to Australia: Abarai1992

To all of you who were unlucky this time, fear not as I plan to expand these later and you will all have first prioirity.

Many Thanks,
Theus Jackus (Minister of Foreign Affairs)



CloudGT4 Day 389, 15:47

Congrats to the new Ambassadors.

Sean Greene
Sean Greene Day 389, 15:59

Thanks for the confidence you've placed in me. I'll go over and revive the Irish Embassy in the UK forums after dinner.

Nithraldur Day 389, 16:06

Thanks mates! 🙂

Kiemar Day 389, 17:39

Thank you Theus, and congratulations to my fellow ambassadors

abarai1992 Day 389, 19:03

Congrats to all ambassadors for been selected!

pato9 Day 389, 20:01


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