ALP- Mental Health Policy

Day 566, 18:13 Published in Australia Australia by StewartB

Due to recent events ALP thought it would be timely to release our policy on Mental Health. ALP aims to provide support to erep citizens who have a history of flaming and anti social behaviour within the community.

Any caring community must provide support systems for vulnerable citizens. This is
most important in an area like mental health. Mental illness doesn’t just affect an
Individual, it affects friends and ultimately it touches all of us in the eAus community.

Statistically, one in five people in the community will experience a mental illness at some
stage of their lives. Mental illness is emerging alongside starvation and lack of housing in the eAus community.

ALP understands the challenges ahead in ensuring that we are able to provide a
responsive, caring and well‐resourced mental health system. We understand that
resources need to be shared between the public system and those non‐government
providers who do so much to care for individuals and support them to live independent
and meaningful lives in the community.

ALP is committed to creating an innovative and consumer driven mental health
system. To achieve this we know that it will require additional investment and that the
and new ways of working with the private sector need to be undertaken
Improving services for people with a mental illness and their families and carers takes
more than just money. It’s about involving consumers of mental health
services in decision making, about engaging with carers and friends and
ensuring the system is responsive to our community’s needs.

This ALP policy will focus on early intervention, prevention and a greater role for community based services such as “auseaid” and “The Smith Family” in providing counseling services as well as food and training.

A priority of this imitative will be to action those areas of need and members of the community who have already showed some sign of need for the services we propose.

Outlined below are some of the programs ALP will introduce if voted into Senate:

• The development of a community education and health promotion campaign aimed
• at normalising the experience of mental illness, and improving community awareness and understanding.
• Additional support for community agencies to expand the level of available services
to deliver acute care, including mentoring and supporting the development of peer‐led training courses.
• The enhancement of crisis intervention services.
• Exploring the option of establishing specialist teams for identified groups at risk of falling through the cracks, such as those new to erep or who have moved to eAus recently.