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Day 1,956, 12:08 Published in Ireland Ireland by Damien Psym

For too long Ireland has been a country stagnant in the political domain of the E-World. Perhaps it is time that we start thinking about where our loyalties truly lie and pick our side in the burgeoning landscape of alliances. Hell, even the non-aligned nations of South Africa and Australia have their own alliance. It is clear that the time is approaching where a country needs to throw up its allied flag or be crushed under the rubble of this realm of warfare and destruction. I don't for a second doubt that if Ireland would enter this increasingly Globalized politicking, that we could appeal to the masses of new citizens to view us as a solid, and powerful country. Perhaps we could even use that to claim the entirety of our beloved Isle.



Damhnaic Day 1,956, 12:21

Hi there,

Far from me to do government propaganda, but there as been a referendum very recently on alliances and Irish citizens voted to join the CUA brotherhood.

You may find more information there:

As for my own opinion, Ireland has been a neutral country for many years historically with no threats of invasion and a reknown reputation as a wise nation around the globe. Alliances might come with increased protection, but alliances also come with ennemis and incitation to support allies wars.

Damhnaic Day 1,956, 12:25

Comment deleted

Damien Psym
Damien Psym Day 1,956, 14:40

I'm certainly not telling the people to go rushing into these alliances, but if the real world is any indication then neutrality itself can come at a pretty high cost

Irasian Day 1,956, 15:22

To be honest we were liked by a lot of the eworld before the CUA referendum so the chances of us being attacked while we were neutral are very low unless the people in the current government decides to organise a training war or someone decides to provoke one of our neighbors into attacking us.

The only problem with being neutral is that we don't really get that many fights and this game gets a little dull if we don't have many fights and so our country stagnates and citizens leave for more interesting places.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,957, 04:26

We've not had several referendums recently to figure out where we want to go as an enation? Somebuddy must have spiked my Guinness again.

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