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All time erepublik alliances

Day 1,559, 06:12 Published in USA Peru by S Y N A P S I S

Hello all,

For the beginning I want to say that many of you don't know the oldest erepublik alliances. This military or economic organizations have succeeded over time until today. So, let's see what the history tells us:


1. Arab Confederation June 15, 2011 - present.
CAS (Confederation-Arab States ), successfully working on an Ultimate Union between Arab states. All info here!

2. ABC Apr 1, 2011 and still active.
ABC (The Alliance of Baltic Countries) is a military alliance consisting of 3 members who border each other. All info here!

3. Order of New EWorld Feb 2011 - still active.
ONE (Order of New Eworld, formerly known as NWO) is a Alliance consisting of several European and non-European eRepublik countries. All info here!

4. Terra Dec 2010 - still active.
Terra (Formerly known as PANAM) is a Alliance consisting of mostly American and European eRepublik countries. All info here!

5. EDEN Sep 2009 - still active.
EDEN (Erepublik Defense & Economic Network) is one of two successor alliances to ATLANTIS. It is made up mostly of Eastern European Nations. All info here!

6. EPIC Feb 9, 2012 - still active.
EPIC (eRepublik Partnership of Interdependent Countries) ia a military organization formed by proONE countries. All info here!

7. GEA Dec 2011 - still active
Garden of eRepublik Defence & Economy Network Alliance (abbr. "GEA") is a military alliance consisting of 4 countries and popularly accepted as the mini/junior version of the EDEN alliance. All info here!


A. Post Rising (V3) Alliances

1. Luna Apr 2, 2011 - Aug, 2011.
Luna was a small country defensive alliance. All info here!

2. PACMAN Dec 2, 2010 - Jan 21, 2011.
PACMAN (Pacific-Asian Compact for Mutually-Assured Neutrality ), was a successor to the Sol/ONE alliances. Though this alliance has less members. All info here!

B. eRepublik Rising (V2) Alliances

1. Order of Nations of eRepublik Jul 27, 2010 - Oct 9th, 2010
ONE was a military alliance having most of its members located in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe. It was in the process of being constructed before becoming inactive and therefore defunct. All info here!

2. Phoenix Dec 4, 2009 - Feb 2011
Phoenix was a militaristic offensive alliance that consists of ex-PEACE member nations. It was created after the majority of PEACE members resigned from that alliance. All info here!

C. eRepublik Version 1 Alliances

1. Entente Jan 4, 2010 - Aug 20, 2010
The Entente was an alliance founded by France, Italy and Ukraine. It was founded during Spain's invasion of France. All info here!

2. Brolliance Oct 31, 2009 - Dec 2010
Brolliance (Brother-Alliance), was a successor to the Fortis alliance. It was formed originally between USA and Canada during the PEACE invasion of North America. It had expanded to include Australia, Ireland and Japan. All info here!

3. Fortis Jul 7, 2009 - Oct 31, 2009
Fortis was meant to be the second successor alliance of ATLANTIS. It consisted of United States of America and Canada. Originally the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain were going to be members, but problems when the UK dropped out of negotiations and defected to PEACE. This forced Ireland to drop out as well, and no one ever signed the treaty. Spain joined EDEN, and the USA and Canada formed the Brolliance, and later joined EDEN. Ireland remained neutral. Despite having never existed, people occasionally refer to the USA and Canada as Fortis. All info here!

4. Sol Jul 8, 2009 - June 2010
Sol was a global alliance having most of its members located in the Asia-Pacific region. It was officially a neutral defensive alliance. All info here!

5. ALA Mar 2009 - Mar 27, 2010
ALA (Alianza Latino Americana - Spanish: Latino-American Alliance) was a defensive alliance of Latin American countries. It was based in the Real Life European Union. All info here!

6. PEACE GC Aug 26, 2008 - Nov 19, 2009
The PEACE (People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence) Global Community was a worldwide military alliance consisting of all former FIST member nations as well as many former Mediterranean Alliance members. It was the largest and oldest continuously existing alliance. All info here!

7. ATLANTIS Aug 22, 2008 - May 21, 2009
ATLANTIS (Atlantic Treaty of Latin, American, and Nordic Territories for International Security) was a large military alliance consisting of several member nations. For a long time it was one of two active alliances in eRepublik (the second being PEACE) and, of the two, it had the larger military. ATLANTIS collapsed after infighting following the loss of World War II and the Third Sweden-Germany War between two ATLANTIS members. All info here!

D. eRepublik Beta Alliances

1. Pan American Alliance Feb, 2008 - Aug, 2008
PANAM (Pan American Alliance) was an Alliance consisting of five of the six eRepublik countries in North and South America. The Alliance eventually formed the basis of ATLANTIS, even though only 2 of the five countries remained in it. All info here!

2. Byzantine Empire Aug 3, 2008 - Aug 22, 2008
The Byzantine Empire was an Eastern European Alliance comprised of two countries, Greece and Turkey. The alliance lasted for less than a month and ended with the first death of Phaedrus Lidox. As both countries signed the Formidable International Security Treaty, it is sometimes considered a sub-alliance of FIST. All info here!

3. FIST May 29, 2008 - Aug 26, 2008
FIST (Formidable International Security Treaty) was an Alliance focused in Asia. It's six members all signed the Charter of the PEACE Global Community when it was created, dissolving FIST. All info here!

4. Mediterranean Alliance Unknown - July, 2008
The MA was an alliance comprising of eight countries in Southern Europe and North America. The alliance was founded by Spain to consist of Nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea, later other countries such as Austria, the Netherlands and Canada joined. Eventually the MA collapsed due to rifts between pro-FIST nations, who later formed PEACE GC, and pro-NA nations who united to form ATLANTIS. All info here!

5. Northern Alliance Jan 15, 2008 - Feb 27, 2008
The NA was an Alliance of countries in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Other countries such as Romania and the United States also joined. Most of the NA's members eventually joined ATLANTIS when it was formed. All info here!

eRepublik Stas & eRepublik wiki

I hope that all this information will be useful for you to know better the strategic development of these organizations ...

We'll see Tuesday with the next stats!
|| my wiki

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