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All I Ever Wanted

Day 534, 13:28 Published in USA USA by fingerguns

I've been taking a lot of heat lately for speaking out against the lack of communication and transparency from our government. As I attempt to argue that citizens are being unnecessarily left in the dark, I am met with the exact same line over and over. "YOU REALLY WANT US TO LEAK ALL OF OUR MILITARY SECRETS TO THE ENEMY?!"

No, you [expletive deleted]. That is not what I want. I don't know how many different ways I can explain what I mean so these [expletive deleted] meat heads will understand, so I will just do it myself so they can see.

Below you will find a FAKE press release to the eAmerican people that prepares them for war WITHOUT LEAKING ALL OF OUR MILITARY SECRETS. Just to be clear, I do not support the eUS expanding beyond its borders. Had a press release such as the one below actually come out, I would have had plenty to say on the matter. But...that's not an argument we were ever allowed to have. Instead we go back and forth about communication and transparency, which is stupid if we are about to invade another nation to take their resources. Also, I do not know what the actual plan was or is, so my speculation about resources is just that...speculation.

Some argue that even announcing that we are considering war will make our goal unattainable. That's stupid. Romania AND Indonesia announce publicly on a regular basis where they plan on attacking and it never stops them from attacking and barely impacts the outcome. Stop being pussies.

And now, the FAKE press release I was hoping to see instead of a cryptic 'something big is coming.'

My fellow eAmericans,

The time has come to look to the future. While eAmerica is arguably one of the strongest nations in the eWorld, our ability to grow and progress has been seriously limited by our lack of certain high resources. Our economy and military are strong for the moment, but the ability to advance and build on this strength isn't possible without higher iron and diamond resources. Weapons and gifts are necessary to keep our people strong and safe, but without high resource regions these are precisely the things that cost eAmericans too much money to build and purchase.

Through diplomacy, we've attempted to establish better trade deals for our country that would supply us with high quality, low cost resources. Unfortunately, because of alliance affiliations and resource distribution, we have been unable at this time to secure the materials we need to move forward. After consulting with economists, Congress and military leaders, the option of obtaining an area with high resources under the eAmerican flag is now on the table.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be working with our allies in ATLANTIS to develop a strategy to secure a high resource region for eAmericans. I am asking all of you to be on alert for further instructions and to prepare yourselves for battle. This includes participating in War Games to achieve higher wellness and strength. We are also proposing temporary drop in weapons taxes to save our people money during this engagement. I ask Congress to pass this proposal immediately.

For many new citizens, we understand that you have not yet participated in actual war. While you do not have to enlist in any branch of the military to fight for your country, we ask that interested citizens explore such options.

[links to military profiles, etc]

Your local Congressman will be in constant contact with me as we move forward with our agenda. Please consult with your representatives if you have any questions or concerns. We realize this level of transparency and public communication opens us up to a potential takeover attempt by PEACE. We urge you all to be on the look out for foreign citizens infiltrating the eUnited States either by moving here or trolling our media.

I thank you in advance for your service,


For more information on boosting your wellness and fighting in battles, please read these articles:


Do you get what I mean now?

You're welcome, administration, if you decide to start communicating in this way. I'm here to help.


Devin Castle
Devin Castle Day 534, 13:38

That would be nice.

Emerick Day 534, 13:40

Hah, it's so sad that you have to lay it out like that.

When we were debating about whether or not we'd have SOH, even though I was against it, I knew everything that the position would entail, and yet the supporters of the idea were making posts like, "lol I forgot what powers we're giving SoH xD." It's things like that that convince me that our country is being run by trolls.

Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 534, 13:59

Haha I love these discussions. Might I add that he already told his enemy of his big plan while keeping it secret? = D

(I can hear the 'PEACE PROPAGANDA' comments that will follow already but he, who would know more about it than someone from PEACE :') )

fingerguns Day 534, 14:15

@Jazar: We know.

How about stay out of our media and we'll stay out of yours?

KLAUS.ORG Day 534, 14:27

I belive it is all wrong not to want to make war. I don't understand. What is the point of the game if not winning? Why do we play the game, after all ?


Zelechoski Day 534, 15:00

@Klaus: I guess that's the question, isn't it? Is war the only way to "win". If that were the case I guess the Nazis were a pretty good model to follow.

I think this is a philosophical divergence of the game. Is there an end game where one country rules the entire world, like online RISK for survival of the fittest (or the biggest cheats, as the case may be)?

Or is this world supposed to mirror real life where you cultivate a society, foster grown and prosperity in your constituency and use government to help foster individual liberty in each player, not in the collective?

I say the latter, but that's just me.

Devin Castle
Devin Castle Day 534, 15:22

It's like RL.

Define yourself. Make yourself.
eLive with some sort of purpose, if you can't find anything else.

Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen Day 534, 15:59

If only we could all answer such questions so easily, Devin...

wingfield Day 534, 18:16

Now why couldn't we have had a press release of that ilk last week?

TaKunCat Day 535, 08:35

Just so you know, something changed. We went from having a small premium on the things we cannot produce efficiently to having less market for what we do produce. There seems to be a silly tendency to protect industries that don't need it with tariffs. Romania Got all 5 resources and now they don't "need" us. They protect all of them with tariffs. This is effectively means that Romania has embargoed the world. How are we supposed to get Iron out of them if we cannot trade for it? This means that Romania is treating land workers like fat teamsters at the expense of the other sectors and eUSA doesn't have to pay workers much because they have a limited market on whey they can produce. I am land and in Romania. Good luck suckers.

Baarogue Day 535, 09:51

Excellent article. You should write all the presidential press releases...

...for our enemies. /thumbsup! 😃

Baarogue Day 535, 10:41

fingerguns: "You know the 'stupid asshole' part was for you, right Baarogue?"

Oh I know. 😃 I am a little disappointed considering I never stooped to calling you names during that entire discussion, despite being frustrated to speechlessness at times by your stubbornness and passive-aggressive comments in lieu of actual argument.

I know the sentiments re: stubbornness are mutual, but I don't hate you for it. Nor do I plan to badmouth you in public or private. Do with that whatever you wish. 🙂

fingerguns Day 535, 14:43

Well, it WAS plural. At least you have good company in your ivory tower. 🙂

I suspect you would have said whatever was on your mind if the threat of banishment weren't constantly hovering over our shoulders in the forums. I saved it for the free speech zone. You're welcome to do that same.

Baarogue Day 535, 15:13

fingerguns: "I suspect you would have said whatever was on your mind if the threat of banishment weren't constantly hovering over our shoulders in the forums. I saved it for the free speech zone."

I guess that's the difference between you and me.

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