all good things come to an end

Day 888, 04:54 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Daniel Parker

Dear friends,

Success has it limits, and the disappointing results in our congress elections proofs that once more.
I´ve been a pro-active member of the Libertarian Party for over a half year now, 5 terms as Vice Party President, 2 as Party-President, and served the country as minister. However this will be my last one.
This may come as a surprise to some of you, but my activity on eRepublik overtime has significantly required to invest more and more time. Time I have less and less of. Real life commitments should come first, and until now I was able to manage both in an orderly fashion. I have aspirations to live up to here, but in real life they just mounted significantly. Therefore I´m very sorry to say I cannot be a pro-active player any more.
Erepublik was a great experience for me, I met many interesting people, and it definitely sharpens the way people think and debate, but I have to invest my skills and efforts into other things.

yours truly,

Daniel Parker