All about the people

Day 4,018, 23:57 Published in Romania Romania by PRINTSY

I have read so nice and interesting stories about the good old times when wars were fought for a cause and not for a decoration only. I have no such memories, as I have started playing this game in January 2017 only. For me, this game is about the people.

In my first weeks as a young citizen in eRepublik I wrote an article about Clopoyaur’s 24 hour stream as his passion of doing the show really impressed me. I am not able to better say it now what was it that touched me, so I will just quote my previous article:

“On a more serious note, for me this wasn’t just another stream or just a guy that had nothing better to do with his weekend. For sure this wasn’t about a person that does something for money (as one or two have implied. Do your homework, guys!). This wasn’t just about the giveaways. This wasn’t just about eRepublik. This definitely wasn’t about wasting time. This was about what passion and acting accordingly can bring in somebody’s life. This was about having fun with people from all over the world gathered in a virtual room because of Clopoyaur. This was about a great community . This was about taking a break from the Matrix and just being there and enjoying the show, the music, the games, somebody’s wonderful voice singing for us live from the other side of the planet. This was somehow crazy and different and for sure it will not happen again soon. That is why it was special. Being able to share your joy with other people must be great. Actually, I should interview Clopoyaur and find out exactly how great it is (damn, this is a good idea for a future article. Was it done before by the Romanian press? 🙂 ) And yes, this must have been difficult. Just give it a try recording yourself on your laptop trying to talk for at least 30 minutes, make a joke or two, read something while talking (a chat would be perfect), try to answer some questions, get back to your ideas and so on. Doesn’t sound too easy to me.”

This was one of my first articles. I had no idea who Plato was, I was still trying to figure out what the value of currency or gold is. At 10 gold in my account I considered myself rich. Imagine the surprise and the joy when this article was endorsed by so many people and I was thankful for each of them. But that was not all. A yellow endorsement appeared in my list and I was like: “what the hell is that?”. Amazing doesn’t describe it accurately. I was incredibly happy to see that Plato endorsed my article with 50 Gold. That made my day. Actually no, my month!

I joined eRepublik in January and my RL birthday was (still is) in February. I had no BH medals, and although I was struggling to get at least one, it was impossible for me to overpass stronger people. It was so frustrating. But on my birthday I actually won my first two medals. The feeling I had when I did it, how happy that made me...

"After fighting and fighting, I got somewhere around 5.500.000 damage, but 1-2 minutes before the end of the fight this guy comes and from 3 hits or so makes with 200.000 damage more than I did. Seriously?! I was so angry. Who the hell fights at 3 a.m. and beats a “baby” for a BH medal?! It was just me fighting in that battle! Anyway, I have to give him some slack, he only had around 130 medals, not like the guy who stole my potentially third medal a few days after that, who had 3369 (at least he felt sorry for it in sent me 2 gold which I didn’t accept and some food. It was nice of him, actually, and now we’re friends).

So, upset that I didn’t succeed in gaining my first BH medal, I chose another war, started shooting and hoped for the best. I got to around 5.000.000 damage (with more than 70 hits), it was the last minute of the fight and this guy comes from the woods. He was making a bit more than 500.000 damage with a single hit. I was sure I won’t get the medal this time either and… the battle ended! Refresh and there it was! MY FIRST BH MEDAL! Happy birthday to me, indeed. 😃 (that guy had around 1.500.000 damage from only 3 hits. I was really lucky the battle ended in time)"

And it was the next day when ClopoCrew helped me to get my first Resistance Hero medal as well. I wrote all about it here.

So many are complaining about how things don't evolve in the game, improvements are not being made and so on, however there are still those that keep on playing either for the excitement of getting new medals, detaching from the day to day life or for the beauty of being part of a community. True, we all have our RL friends and family, but sometimes the escape that this e-world offers is like a breath of fresh air no matter what the shortcomings are. I remember how the community gathered for the 10.000 Gold pyramid Plato sponsored last year and how we all stuck together to reach the top. That is another example of what we can all do together. It might not affect our lives, might not make too much of a difference on a big scale, but life is made out of the little things also, and these kind of happy moments shared with the community can (at least) put a smile on your face. So yes, this game is all about the people.

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 2: ‘Best Memories from the New World’ by the Plato Foundation