Akashaton as the President, of May!

Day 2,357, 13:17 Published in Norway Norway by Akashaton
Theme music: The Rains of Castamere

Vote for Akashaton!
It is my great pleasure to run as Country President (CP) this term!
I have had the joy of serving as CP twice before,
and I was vCP ones.
Ambassador to several countries around the world,
MoD & MoFA several times,
and Governor/MoF for months now.
I will continue to be MoF also, because no one I can trust
with the position got the time for it atm.
The trusted Kilorien, will help me out as the vMoF.
I've served 24. term in our Congress,
and currently and several times as our Chairman of Congress (CoC).
If I become CP, we will need to find a new CoC.

I'm also the Party President (PP) of Free Liberty (FL),
I've been PP for a lot of different parties through the times,

I'm also Commander of Free Liberty's own Military Unit (MU)
Liberty of Loki (LoL)
Every one are very welcome to join both LoL & FL! 😃

I am fortunate and proud to have gathered a Superb Cabinet,
to guide us trough this Spring mount!

Some Minister posts remain open for younger, less experienced, players. 🙂
These posts are marked with a ??? mark.
If you like to try the political aspect of this game, and gain some experience,
contacts and friends; we strongly support you to do so! 😃
Just add a comment to this article, and state what post you like to try out
or know more about. 😉
Governor / vice CP - Indigodavo95

Minister of Defense (MoD) - Benevolent Dictator For Life
- vice MoD - Delirium90
Minister of Finances (MoF) - Akashaton
- vice MoF - Kilorien
Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - M. de Ruyter
- vice MoFA - Joshua Morriseau
Minister of Immigration (MoI) - Red Beard the Scotsman
- vice MoI - M. de Ruyter

Minister of Education and Solidarity (MoEaS) - Sky 33
- vice MoEaS - Kaname Darkwind
Minister of Public Relations (MoPR) - ???

Minister of Games and Fun (MoGaF) - ???

Asgard Representatives (AR)
M. de Ruyter
Jasper Zuidema

I will strive to cooperate in the Defence of Asgard,
from the Southern aggressors

After our resent tournament successes, and boost to our national economy,
I will keep our relative low taxes,
and try to stabilize our market
I will like to revisit the opportunity of establishing governmental comunes,
ones again!

Try to get a smaller congress next term, so we minimize
PTO treats, and get CS passes.

If possible keep our capital connected to most of our regions,
to keep utilizing our bonuses, if we get cut in half.

Try to Improve the Battle Coordination between the CP, MoD, Asgard, and MU's! And Create an official War fund for CO's if the Congress Wills it.
And last but not least, and above all!