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Akashaton as President, in October!

Day 2,144, 03:55 Published in Norway Norway by Akashaton

Vote for Akashaton!
It is my great pleasure to run as Country President (CP) this term!
I have had the joy of serving as CP ones before,
and I was vCP ones.
I've served 19. term in our Congress,
and several times as our Congress Chairman (CC).

Also served as Party President (PP) of Free Liberty (FL),
I've been PP for a lot of different parties through the times,
Here is an article by Free Liberty's current PP.

I'm also Commander of Free Liberty's own Military Unit (MU)
Liberty of Loki (LoL)
Every one are very welcome to join both LoL & FL! 😃

I am fortunate and proud to have gathered a Superb Cabinet,
to guide us trough this Autumn mount!

Ministers written with Bold are the main officials,
and get access to all Governmental functions

Some vice Minister posts remain open for younger, less experienced, players. 🙂
These posts are marked with a ??? mark.
If you like to try the political aspect of this game, and gain some experience,
contacts and friends; we strongly support you to do so! 😃
Just add a comment to this article, and state what post you like to try out
or know more about. 😉
Governor / vice CP - Joshua Morriseau
vice Governor / 2. vice CP - Indigodavo95
Minister of Defense (MoD) - Indigodavo95
- vice MoD - Delirium90
- vice MoD - ???
Minister of Finances (MoF) - Kilorien
- vice MoF - ???
Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - bATRA
- vice MoFA - Divonex
- vice MoFA - ???
Minister of Immigration (MoI) - ivan europe
- vice MoI - Vasil I. Kunchev
Minister of Education and Solidarity (MoEaS) - Sky 33
- vice MoEaS - ???
Minister of Public Relations (MoPR) - Joshua Morriseau
- vice MoPR - ???
Minister of Games and Fun (MoGaF) - Delirium90
- vice MoGaF - Indigodavo95
Minister of Fang Fishing (MoFF) - Morten Asphaug
- vice MoFF - ???

I will strive to cooperate, and console my differences,
with the shady and non-progressive elements of Asgard HQ.
For the best of Asgard and by the will of the Norwegian people!

After our resent tournament successes, and boost to our national economy,
I will revisit the opportune for lowering our taxes!
And last but not least, and above all!



Indigodavo95 Day 2,144, 04:06


T Cherub
T Cherub Day 2,144, 07:01

I demand more images and less text!!! 😃
Good luck, Akashaton - I am sure you will manage CP once again.

Akashaton Day 2,144, 07:03

I'll try to add some more pic's for you soon! 😉

Akashaton Day 2,144, 07:11

Vasil I. Kunchev:
Likes to be vMoI.

This is fine by me! 😃
If someone thinks otherwise, please stat so now?

G. Admiral Thrawn
G. Admiral Thrawn Day 2,144, 07:12

He is good man

Akashaton Day 2,144, 11:04

The only reason I post this question is because Vasil is kind of a new eNorwegian, and not RL Norwegian;
But I think he will be good. 😃

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,144, 10:42



G. Admiral Thrawn
G. Admiral Thrawn Day 2,144, 10:56


Sky 33
Sky 33 Day 2,144, 13:52

I Akashaton support.

Jasper Zuidema
Jasper Zuidema Day 2,144, 14:09

Hey, you've got my support and I'd be more than happy to help out if you'd like me too

Akashaton Day 2,145, 04:07

What about, vice MoPR or vice MoEaS? 😃

Akashaton Day 2,147, 09:30

I'll add you as vice MoPR! 😉

PepaVeg Day 2,144, 21:41

If I could vote for you in the elections, I would. For now I can only give my vote in this article 🙂

Akashaton Day 2,145, 04:03

Thank you! 😉

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 2,145, 04:04


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