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Ajay/RGR: Down But Not Out

Day 2,096, 15:02 Published in USA USA by George Armstrong Custer
Ajay/RGR: Down But Not Out

This is what Ajay/RGR thinks of you, America!

Dateline: Friday, August 16 (Day 2096)
Location: Inside the American Freedom Alliance USA
Reporter: Chief White Bull (George Armstrong Custer)

Ajay/RGR: Down But Not Out

Yeah, we PTO'd Ajay/RGR's Party, the AFA New, and did it quite handily.
America celebrates our collective victory, once more sending Ajay/RGR scurrying like a cockroach to the dark corners of Party politics.

And so America celebrates-- for us a morale building victory, for Ajay/RGR and Company a demoralizing blow.
Already the new Party President, Kody5, has changed the Party name to American Communists-- a little salt in Ajay/RGR's wounds. Kody5 has probably also petitioned game Admins to investigate his new Party and ban any multis they find.

YAY! We won! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Break out the beer, and barbecue the night away, because that's what Americans do!

But while America celebrates our win, Ajay/RGR quickly licked his... um.. wounds, and moved himself and a few key Party loyalists to a low-ranked Party. Renaming it American Freedom Alliance USA, Ajay/RGR now sets about the chore of continuing to move people and (unconfirmed, rumored) bots from his old Party to the new. And within days we'll see another well-crafted bit of patriotic blather, no doubt invoking both Ronald Reagan and Jesus Christ, to lure unsuspecting new players to his cause.

This strategy is no surprise-- this is what we've forced Ajay to do every month, several in a row now.
And he's quite good at it, too. Every month he's been able to take a super-low ranked Party and build it to becoming a Top 5 Party, all in the short timespan from Party President Elections to Congressional Elections.
There's little we can do to stop him from building his new Party up. Our Homeland Security Department will investigate every member of the new AFA USA and report multis as fast as they can be found; Admins may or may not follow through and permaban them. We have little control of what Ajay/RGR does.

What we do have control of is to be vigilant. Watch the AFA USA's numbers grow, and make damn well sure that we also follow the same strategy as every month-- move members of the Top Parties to the number 5 Party, and try to match and beat Ajay/RGR's numbers.
It is at this point-- keeping Ajay/RGR's Party out of the Top 5 come Congressional election day-- where America has consistently fallen short.
This is the next phase in the battle to free America of the constant threat to our security, and put the final nail in burying the Unity election process.

While this internal struggle is going on, America continues to face battlefield enemies who wish to knock us down to no regions again, to cause the Work Tax to continue beating our workers into the poorhouse. Serbia and Poland care less about Ajay/RGR's success or failure than they do about America's failure altogether.

So we have a two-pronged battle ahead of us. We must be sure to have regions, so we can have a Congress, so they can repeal the 25% Work Tax. At the same time, we must be sure to keep Ajay/RGR's Party out of the Top 5, so there'll be no more enemies brought into America via rogue citizenship grants.

There you have it, folks. Does America follow up this Party Election win with the double win of holding regions while also keeping the AFA USA out of Congress?
Only you hold the answer to that. Only you-- every individual American who fights and votes, and every Party and MU who organizes its members to fight both fights-- only you have the power to back up this win with another one.

Until next time, friends... Live like there's no tomorrow.

Secretary of Media; Advisor to several Presidents; Soldier; Citizen

Custer's Stand: Ajay/RGR is Down But Not Out
America must be vigilant

WHPR 2096 - Successful PTO; Interview with CoT Public Relations; War Map
A Full Metric Sh*t Ton of News

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only 399 to go..!


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,096, 15:02

We must be sure to have regions, so we can have a Congress, so they can repeal the 25% Work Tax. At the same time, we must be sure to keep Ajay/RGR's Party out of the Top 5, so there'll be no more enemies brought into America via rogue citizenship grants.

Bucephalus92 Day 2,096, 15:08

For the sake of making RGR butthurt, we all need to do our part and move to keep him out of the top five.

Fitisin Day 2,096, 15:15

Great article! Some things creep me out though:

a.) Ajay licking his wounds or anything.
b.) The Statue of Liberty hefting an assault rifle instead of the Torch of Liberty
c.) the fact that it's Friday and I have a frosty beer nearby...wait, that's awesome!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,096, 15:17

kinda gave me a sick feeling just writing that salt licker's name so many times.

redbirdusa Day 2,096, 15:19


moomoohead Day 2,096, 15:20

Five paragraphs on Ajay and two on being wiped before congress, what is the bigger threat?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,096, 15:23

both threats are equal.
we know how to win on the battlefield. we get fight orders every day and we fight.
but the Ajay/RGR threat quietly works in the background, and it is my intention to bring that threat to the foreground.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,096, 15:46


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,096, 18:40


Oblige Day 2,097, 08:45

Voted hard!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,097, 12:48

Hey trust fund baby, Fraunces Tavern, 8 PM, be there 😉

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 2,098, 01:56

Voting your own comments. "There he goes again."

Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 2,098, 02:24

K ill bring the straight jacket for u

DylanBAS Day 2,105, 17:35

God you are so frikkin creepy. Your like the aged out popular guy who still thinks he matters!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,098, 11:54

you never showed? I was very sad. 🙁

tdwester Day 2,097, 21:04

Ajay is like herpes. He always comes back.

don hrleone
don hrleone Day 2,098, 04:12


Jasher Day 2,098, 05:50

The biggest threat is .... 25% Work Tax ..., that will kill off the game the quickest.

Who cares about all that other dribble written.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,098, 12:04

spend 5 gold on a newspaper, and write about anything you like.

Jasher Day 2,098, 15:39

What you do not like comments? talking about RGR is just dribble.
" repeal the 25% Work Tax" that was the only thing that I thought was worth reading.

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,098, 07:38


gizmo501 Day 2,098, 13:28

TWO Congratulates UNITY in their fight to destroy the EUSA.

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