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Airborne's Newest God of War

Day 1,808, 08:51 Published in USA USA by seeker1

By Col. Ruthain

One of the main goals any soldier has in this game is to reach the military Rank of God Of War, so for this issue I'd like to Congratulate the Airbornes latest God Of War vrpanch

I'd also like to take this opportunity to look back at previous GOWs

If you want to become a full member of an active community, travel the eworld and do things many never do in this game, you should honestly start thinking about joining the Airborne. We are a fun and active community protecting the eUnited States of America. Heres a little info on our eUS Military branch and how to join today!

Airborne minimum requirements are Division 3 or 4

Apply Here

Not strong enough for the Airborne yet or have no experience with a military group?
Then join the eUS Training Corps!



Ruthain Day 1,808, 12:21

Congrats vrpanch
Was hoping to beat you to it but.....
Race you to GOW* 😛

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,808, 20:03


Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,808, 20:05

Congrats vrpanch!

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,809, 03:04


Infinite One
Infinite One Day 1,809, 04:53

Well done!

Leroy Combs
Leroy Combs Day 1,809, 07:01

Congrats vrpanch

alcarvalho55 Day 1,809, 08:48

congrats and voted

darksrevan Day 1,809, 13:10


jadiv Day 1,810, 06:23


Verdugo22 Day 1,810, 11:18


Oxy744 Day 1,810, 20:11

Awesome another GOW

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 1,811, 14:19


Nfin Day 1,813, 06:30


kitmen Day 1,813, 13:56

Well done, Vrpanch. I'll be there one day!

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