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Air Force Transgressions

Day 1,771, 18:59 Published in USA USA by Synesi

You want to stab me in the back? Next time do it to my face.

Mood Music - Not Afraid

On this day of 1771, in the year of our Dio. Dr Luis Sentieiro gravely insulted myself, the Commander of Flight Training. His utter contempt for my abilities can be seen in this following irc conversation:
[20:38] DrLuisSentieiro approaches Syn|Ping with a blade...
[20:38] Syn|Ping 😮
[20:38] DrLuisSentieiro suddenly assassinates Syn|ping
[20:38] Syn|Ping 😮
[20:38] DrLuisSentieiro Never slap me again
[20:38] Syn|Ping spilled water on his keyboard
[20:38] Syn|Ping STILL WORKS BISH
[20:38] Syn|Ping BISH SLAPS DrLuisSentieiro
[20:39] BeeBee >>
[20:39] BeeBee <<
[20:39] anacatu hey syn|ping
[20:39] DrLuisSentieiro discharges Syn|ping
[20:39] Syn|Ping hey
[20:39] Syn|Ping 😮
[20:39] Syn|Ping discharges DrLuisSentieiro first!
[20:39] DrLuisSentieiro
[20:39] BeeBee o,o
[20:40] BeeBee - watches commanders fight - makes herself comfy-
[20:40] DrLuisSentieiro pulls out a shotgun
[20:41] Syn|Ping gets out a potato cannon
[20:41] BeeBee ooooh.
[20:41] DrLuisSentieiro hmmm, that's weak
[20:41] anacatu breaks potato cannon in half
[20:41] =-= User mode for Syn|Ping is now -r
[20:41] =-= YOU are now known as Syn_wielding_potato_cannon
[20:41] DrLuisSentieiro looks at my shotgun
[20:41] Syn_wielding_potato_cannon <.<
[20:41] DrLuisSentieiro weak...
[20:41] =-= YOU are now known as Syn_wielding_broken_potato_can
[20:41] BeeBee - smiles-
[20:41] anacatu lol
[20:41] DrLuisSentieiro gets on a F17 fighter
[20:41] Syn_wielding_broken_potato_can smacks DrLuisSentieiro with broken potato cannon
[20:42] DrLuisSentieiro takes off on the fighter
[20:42] DrLuisSentieiro come get me biach
[20:42] anacatu takes potato can away from Synesi
[20:42] Syn_wielding_broken_potato_can COMEON BRO
[20:42] Syn_wielding_broken_potato_can 😮
[20:42] Plout|AFK hands Syn_wielding_broken_potato_can a heavy bolter
[20:42] Syn_wielding_broken_potato_can \o/\
[20:42] =-= YOU are now known as Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter
[20:42] anacatu then bops synesi up side the head with it
[20:42] DrLuisSentieiro drafs with fighter and shoots a missile to syn
[20:42] Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter bolts DrLuisSentieiro to floor
[20:42] Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter 😮
[20:43] Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter anacatu hath betrayed me!
[20:43] DrLuisSentieiro incoming biach
[20:43] anacatu lol
[20:43] Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter Curse this sudden yet inevitable betrayal!!
[20:43] Plout|AFK shoots missile down with rocket launcher
[20:43] BeeBee Bee Tackles Plout and takes him down -
[20:43] DrLuisSentieiro calls the president and requests nuclear missile confirmation codes
[20:43] BeeBee Sends missle out into no where -
[20:44] Plout|AFK Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter BeeBee just got you killed
[20:44] anacatu denies DrLuisSentierio codes
[20:44] Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter \o/
[20:44] DrLuisSentieiro activates the nuclear missile in the dirty under syn feet
[20:44] DrLuisSentieiro bye bye biach
[20:44] anacatu rofl
[20:44] DrLuisSentieiro dirt*
[20:44] DrLuisSentieiro haha
[20:45] BeeBee (( no way, I tackled you and your launcher, your missle missed synesi))
[20:45] DrLuisSentieiro damn it, too much radiation in this room
[20:45] =-= IS|Away is now known as Israel_Stevens
[20:45] anacatu rofl
[20:45] Plout|AFK laughs because he whisked away Syn_wielding_heavy_bolter in a thunderhawk leaving only a dummy in his place
[20:46] Plout|AFK BeeBee i was taking down DrLuisSentieiro's missle with a rocket launcher
[20:46] anacatu loads rocket launcher

I will not allow this insult to myself be forgiven, therefore in 10 USA minutes, there shall be an epic rap battle in #FlightTraining, to settle this dispute once and for all.

In addition, Flight Training will send hundreds of troops into Air Force to infiltrate their ranks. We shall train them to be the best soldiers in this hemisphere and all people will fear our abilities! They won't suspect a thing! They will just think that we are supplying them with new troops like we are supposed to!!! Onwards my mighty soldiers, this is a fight that we shall win!!!!!

[Commanding Officer, Flight Training]

Wanna get in on the fun? Join Flight Training!!!


Synesi Day 1,771, 19:08

Come at me bro!!!

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,771, 19:12

I heard Synesi killed a bear with his bare hands.

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Day 1,771, 19:13

No more runnin. Synesi aims to misbehave.

Hale26 Day 1,771, 19:26

...And voted..

Ralph Ericson
Ralph Ericson Day 1,771, 19:55

I hear this and Synesi are traps.

creitzell Day 1,771, 20:11


DMV3 Day 1,771, 20:46

Epic battle is epic.

Thedillpickl Day 1,771, 22:17


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,771, 22:53

Epic battle is epic.


FT will prevail !!

TTi09 Day 1,772, 05:34

I bet 10cc for DrLuisSentieiro

SavageWatson Day 1,772, 06:04

See the Header, think "wow what happened?", read article, still laughing.

Unbias Day 1,772, 13:47

I lololololololol..

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,772, 15:08


Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,773, 08:40

hey I know that picture

it's quite popular

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