Day 2,627, 14:58 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Mithrantir

Hello everyone!

With this article I want to inform Cypriots regarding the agreements during this tournament.

With Egypt we had only 1 region. Greece gave them congress. So in order to gain the resource we needed to pay 20k. These money were gathered and paid from individuals to avoid any further burden to the state. Moreover, to secure their congress I agreed to provide a region to Egypt only if Greece cannot provide them (ie. they are wiped). This agreement is valid after 2 months period where Egypt will have a congress.

With Israel we simply agreed to have the war and free all of their regions during and after the end of the tournament.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi has a lot of regions. They were and still are very friendly to us. They agreed to help us gain all the resources we wanted without any demands since Greece is providng them with congress. They helped a lot so i am stating here that if they need my help they will get it.

With UAE we had a good co-operation as well. They provided the resource we wanted. In exchange we will provide them their capital if they don't have a free region for congress.

Last but not least Turkey helped us a lot and I will never forget that. They gave us the regions in Saudi to build our bonuses. We were in constant communication and i hope our relations to become even better. Once more and not just for the regions I would like to thank you!

Thank you all for your help and your co-operation.

The few, the proud, the Cypriots!!