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Agenda for Revolutionary Report 23

Day 1,509, 13:54 Published in USA Canada by Cody Caine

The Return
The Revolutionary Report is back for the first time since Christmas, now with a co host Tyler Reynolds, so if things run smoothly you the listeners can expect the return of the weekly shows.
The Agenda
1: Presidential Election Review
2: A look at the Oblige Presidency
3: The Revolutionary Commune
4: Revolutionary Party President talk
5: Preview of the Party President Debate
6: Listeners Choice
After-Party: Call in to find out.
Listener Information
Show Time: 20:00-20:30 eRep Time
Show Link:
Rizon IRC: #Revolutionary
Guest Call in #: 1-818-668-5408
Suggested Articles to Read

Happy Friday, by Levif92 a new writer, a new Revolutionary.

A second place pizza, by my eBrother Portcolumbus

WHPR Victory through Unity, Unity through Oblige

Equal world, right?, funny stuff.

Revolutionary Party Paper day 1508, the 4th Edition.
Molly Jo picture of the week

Final thoughts and Quote of the Article
Oblige was re-elected for a second term, the second time since I joined this game that I have witnessed this, the first person I saw do it being A^2, so congrats to Oblige. While on the subject of country president, I as Party President of the Revolutionary Party put Kooguy on the ballot for two reasons, firstly to mess with kooguy's head and secondly to beat pizza and everyone else to the punch of getting on the CP ballot list, mostly for laughs.

"Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated" ~countless people~

~Revolutionary Party Founder~
~Revolutionary Army Commander~
~eUSA Deputy Press Secretary Oct 2011~
~eUSA Press Corps Member Dec 2011, Jan 2011~
~eUSA State Department Worker~


Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,509, 13:57

I might be there, but I might be too high.

Kooguy Day 1,509, 14:02

Lolz I set goals

Nosyt Day 1,509, 14:08


Sentient Robot
Sentient Robot Day 1,509, 14:41

Kooguy for president!

lancer450 Day 1,509, 15:11


portcolumbus Day 1,509, 15:55

Nice article, and keep up the good work with the party.

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,509, 17:03


Davis Winston
Davis Winston Day 1,509, 18:51

Voted and might possible call in tonight for the PP discusions

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