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Afraid of PTO,there is a solution-VUJ

Day 1,793, 11:42 Published in USA Serbia by sasa55555

My fellow americans,brothers and sisters,imigrants,natives,everyone in the eUSA.Finally,finaaally,finaaaaally the solution for moral polution in eUsa is here.

*VUJ-holly greeting,used by the members of the Church of Holly Bernoldi. Used also as a sign of approval,and agreeing.Used before and after prayer,before and after work.Used in every begining and every end.Holly Bernoldi,creator of all visible and invisible when creating the eworld said VUJ!

Stay with me and read carefuly the next few lines:

My nick is sasa55555,and I have been given the opportunity to save you all from ignorance,and to bring you bliss and happiness.I am believer in one true egod Holy Bernoldi Salierski and he is your solution.

The church of bernoldi is based in ePoland,but the movement has spread to eSlovakia,eSerbia,eTailand,eIndia,and now we are here in eUsa.

You can see all of this in this article:

The church of Holly Bernoldi is the only recognized church in eworld,besides the church of Holly papan,It has 3 million believers,from which 2.7 million are nude female monks.

And now we are here in the states to bring you all to the light,if you join this movement you will get many,many great things but first you must come to the light and see.
Because the history of eUsa is simple first there was AMERICA.The land of dogs and BUREK.The first believers of Holly bernoldi gained there wright to believe from the mines in South Dakota,a place in which the holly straw was placed.Back then young member of Holly bernoldi movement,whose name is not known today,fed the dog whit a bowl of BUREK during the first native-imigrants fights and save his life.The people understood very well what he did but were afraid of goverments decisions if they say anything,because goverment had another plans for them.But today we are here to help you all,to be able to say what you want,I am here to take your pains,to bring you to the light.

So,first thing I have to teach you is how to make BUREK,the only correct food approved by the Holly Bernoldi,enjoy:

Preparation,Time of preparation:60 min
1 In deep bowl mix water,eatable oil(not the one you love the most) and salt(if you put cheese who is very salty,be careful not to put too much salt).It would be neccesary before every splashing of crustal field to mix this mix fluid because the eatable oil comes on top.
2 Round bowl oblige with eatable oil and put two crustal field whose ends shoud overcome the end of the bowl on the side.splash with mix from the step 1.
3 The rest of the crustal field split into 3 groups of 3 crustal field.
4 Take 3 crustal field and put them in the bowl one over the another rumple them so that they can fit in the bowl,and third crustal field splash with the mix from step 1 and put mixed chese(rmember chese is otional,you can use meat,or mashrooms,or anything you like).
5 Repeat this with all others crustal fields except the last 3.
6 The first of those last 3 crustal fields rumple and put in the bowl over the other,and splash with the mix from step 1.
7 Put second of the last 3 crustal fields.And her also splash and put over the all crustal field,and put the reast of the stuffing if you decided to use something(chese,meat..).
8 Put the last of the crustal field and splash her with he mix from step 1.
9 Those ends from step 2 now put over the last crustal field and in that way close BUREK and splash with all of the rest mix from step 1.
10 Bake in the oven on 180 degrees celzius until it has a nice pink-brown colour.
11.EAT when it cools down

Ingrediants for 4 persons:
1/2 kg crustal field
500 grams of chese if you use stuffing(or meat,or mashrooms...)
250 ml of water
200 ml of eatable oil

There you go come to the light ...

-VUJ-holly greetings,used by the members of the Church of Holly Bernoldi. Used also as a sign of approval,and agreeing.Used before and after prayer,before and after work.Used in every begining and every end.Holly Bernoldi,creator of all visible and invisible when creating the eworld said VUJ!



bernoldi_salieri Day 1,793, 11:56

VUJ !!!!!

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,793, 11:59

ahahahahahahahaha xDDD

Ljubodrag Srpkovic
Ljubodrag Srpkovic Day 1,793, 12:06

I Ljubodrag VUJUJE ovaj clanak !!!!!

Republika Srpska 1991
Republika Srpska 1991 Day 1,793, 12:08

VUJ !!! Bezboznici xD

Black..Silver Day 1,793, 12:10


DevilWithRain Day 1,793, 12:12


Nerazuman Lavirint
Nerazuman Lavirint Day 1,793, 12:19


sasa55555 Day 1,793, 12:20



Vuk01 Day 1,793, 12:37


Nikolic7 Day 1,793, 12:41


Tevica Day 1,793, 12:57


Manijak7 Day 1,793, 13:31

VUJ kao vrata! !!!

S V A R O G Day 1,793, 13:32


Vojvoda Trivun
Vojvoda Trivun Day 1,793, 14:46


Alex.L Day 1,793, 16:48

VUJ !!!!

scoutjohny1 Day 1,793, 17:10


Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,793, 17:10


Marko ZZ
Marko ZZ Day 1,793, 17:32

VUJ !!!

dasa1234567890 Day 1,794, 02:49

and where are americans in this article?

sasa55555 Day 1,794, 02:51


They probably make BUREK so they are busy..

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,794, 03:51

Thanks much for the enlightening info. One question, though... What is a "Celzius"? I tried making the above-mentioned crustal concoction but could not find the "Celzius" button on my microwave.

Also, I recommend commencement of a graphic novel named "Take 3, Krustal Field". I am sure it would be very popular.

StylerPFC Day 1,794, 04:00

A jogurt? : D

Johnnnie Day 1,794, 04:11


sasa55555 Day 1,794, 05:23



BeIi Vuk
BeIi Vuk Day 1,795, 01:24

VUJ !!!!

borisko91 Day 1,796, 18:18


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