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AFA : What To Do?

Day 1,853, 11:56 Published in USA USA by TU4EA

Be Euphoric As Always...

My Dear Friends
There are Some kind of things about politician that almost every regular people do not know... except the ones who read lots of books about politician.

For me Being in AFA is an honor however every one given PTOer Label to it but there's no matter which party you are in... the best parties are the parties which have the most Clever and Intelligent Politicians inside it also you should look back by your self and find out who has given that Party that label?

First I would Like you to know who is good and who is bad?

Last Month : After Presidential Elections

As Long As I know We elected CERB as our President.

*** We (Cerb) Signed a pact with Brazil (I don't know why?)[But you know : Click here to find out if you don't. ] He Said : Brazil Will Help US through our wars and WE (I) help them in their wars forever... US Helped Brazil with its wars. Now Look at this picture to find out how BRAZIL Helped us:

hell yeah THEY Helped us!!! by helping our Enemy!!!

Now: lets look at what other things CERB Said about RGR (a.k.a : Pthut, Ajay, Ronald Gipper Reagan, Pizzahut & Whatever)
here it is his NEWSPAPER : Click to Find Out!!!
Nothing.... oh oh he destroyed all the evidences about Ronald!!! WOW he IS a True American!!!
Believe me or not, I , myself, Respect some politicians Like Hanibal LA, RGR , fingerguns (she is Federalist but true politician and I respect her cause she is really working for the glory of USA) and many more ... I just named some of them and My whole purpose of doing it is that: I do not belong to a party it's just the label that I have but the only thing we belong to is the people... I remember the first person who poked the fire of this (I mean: That AFA is a PTOer Party) was the person who's name was Cerb and tried to show that RGR Is a Dangerous Person... WOW yes he is... With the power of Politics that he have and could run against Him=>Cerb (RGR=> He Is not a Multi-player believe me...) he could turn whole USA down but he was the person who did that or CERB? with some words which are untrustworthy he ruined RGR's Reputation and did his own work he was in AMP so should we call AMP A PTOer Party too?

Continue the story as you wish...
Now I Would Like to Present My Goal to Join Congress...

Land Exchange: here's one of the best Ideas (Not Mine but no one do it in USA) for gaining bonus for a long time :
USA Have got more than 10 Cattle Farm!!! We just need 1 for Bonus!!! but we don't have Saltpeter .. but look Mexico haven't got any Cattle Farm but It have got 2 Saltpeter So Why Don't We EXCHANGE our Lands? we give them one cattle farm they give us one Saltpeter?

We Can Bring 100% Bonus back to USA just by Thinking... If we take a land by power (Military Attacks) We would probably lose that land one day. but if the both sides share something it takes a long time to attack and regain it...
Just need your Mighty voting hands.


Bia Pandora
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@ Bia Pandora
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