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AFA: United States Of America

Day 1,843, 01:25 Published in USA USA by TU4EA

I was going to publish this article as I received the first message contained on PTO concerns and such things about AFA. but waited till I received lots of them and I hope this article won't be concerned as "Vandalism".

United Nations

I live in a country which is under almost all country all over the worlds embargo. This Country is called Iran. but Why I said that?

recently most of the AFA Party members received a message contained a huge amount of nonsense words which might turn into a powerful weapon against America and the main topic was AFA PTO.

As Far As I concern this act of those group is a way to ruin AFA's Reputation in order to use that situation for their own or a great politician benefit which lays behind that.

PTO is not a big deal in Most of the countries which were PTOed they gain their power again after a short time.
Be AWARE This kind of acts ruins the Unity of America as long as there are lots of prohibitions for AFA members cause they ARE AFAs.

USA is known as a Country of Liberation, Justice, Equality, Unity and more. do not change This Country's Labels in Virtual world with your Political Inside wars.

back to my main word about my country ... Iran is under Embargo cause of some selfish politicians and there wasn't any other country in history which lived more than a year after such Economical Embargos but you know why Iran is still that much or even more powerful?
cause people have became Independent and United. if US stays United no one give him/her self the permission to PTO US.

If we don't the unity will go away and just States of America Remains which will be easy target for our enemies.

Eagles ... Rise Again!!!


Stephen Thomas Robinson
Stephen Thomas Robinson Day 1,843, 02:06

I suggest you folks start to get aggressive. This is a terrible conspiracy that has caused great rivalry within the Union. This slander and attempts at belittling your AFA's credibility is completely unjust and goes against all American ideals. No matter what the situation, it is the People who choose what goes on here! The majority of people have spoken. I doubt a majority of Americans are participating nor willing to participate in PTO efforts, if there even were any.

nuno258 Day 1,843, 02:55

good article. i just hope every1 listen tou to you.

TU4EA Day 1,843, 03:35

To add something:
repeating US is going to be taken oven politically has negative effects on everything...
as an example
I Smoke and still I am under 18 my friends do to... but all of their families realized that they are smoking... know why? cause while they smoke they fear that their family will understand...

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