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AFA : Oppa Gangnam Style

Day 1,860, 03:42 Published in USA USA by TU4EA

My Dear Friends,

This Article Is NOT Just a Sarcastic Article, So Do the both Laughing and Thinking while reading this Article.

here's the first Inwegen's Presidential Press : WHPR 1844
Ah ... there are lots of things in that article which attracted my attention:

1- December Cabinet List

Man Look!!! No one From AFA!!! That Really Looks so Selfish! You have Problems with the Name of AFA and the fact that it remains at the top of Party Rankings But what's the problem with the politicians inside the party they all have the right to apply for the official Cabinet...
This Is not a Big Deal AFA Will Always Remain AFA and in the top like an eagle:

See .... This Broken Wings ... Didn't Stop US From Flying ... We soar with the wind

2- pfeiffer

What THE HELL!!! What is That?
Read December Cabinet List once again... Who is the Lord Protector of the Realm ? pfeiffer ...
Now Click Here
He Must be Protecting Brazil's Realms Instead of USA's Realms!!!
OHHHH!!! Here's another Traitor Defender of Brazil's Realms : Who AM I?

AFA is Using PTO to kick America out of Map and These are Using Brazil To Defend USA What a Lie!!!

They Say : No It's Not True!!!
And People Who Believe:

Their Reaction:

3- Map Analysis

We Do Believe that those 2 reasons I brought was something Accidentally happened But Where is EASTERN TAIWAN? You Lost It!!! No matter but Guys There's no Trust for you anymore as long as cerb is in Brazil... pfeiffer is in Brazil ... Inwegen Might go to Brazil as long as he can't Leave Cerb Alone ... Cause Of This :

Now Which One is PTOer? AFA? or AMP or WTP? So which one should be the first priority in this Article : WHPR 1858?
And Remember This : You don't Know anything about politics cause : "Politic is war without bloodshed" "Mae Zedong" and you are fighting against AFA Clearly!!!
Political wars should be in the darkness not in the light ...

Here's our President :



LordRahl2 Day 1,860, 04:45

Why do you insist on defending the AFA elitists like RGR?

nuno258 Day 1,860, 06:21

great article


loftedraptor Day 1,860, 07:36

LordRahl2 , how can the AFA be free of elitists as long as you choose to infiltrate our Party along with your Elitist, Domestic Terrorist Comrades?

pop George
pop George Day 1,860, 08:17

AFA = Ajay Fingers Arse, it is telling, when stinking elitest fight over who stinks more...

pop George
pop George Day 1,860, 08:19

just smell Ajays' finger, that should be all the evidence one needs in determining whose do do stinks more...

TU4EA Day 1,860, 10:13

@ LordRahl2
You Say RGR is Elitist That's why he is Respectable...

@ pop George
and what does AMP or WTP Stands For? you Just see The Empty Part of The Glass of Water... Politics are Dirty... If you don't like it don't join... don't comment!!!

satyricon27 Day 1,860, 10:32


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,860, 10:41


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,860, 16:41

great one o/

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 1,861, 01:46

WTS English lessons, pm me with offers.

Syz2 Day 1,861, 12:29

I voted for John Jay for PotUS. But anyway, I would prefer pretty much anyone to your candidates.

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