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AFA Holds On and Who is SPQR?

Day 1,894, 08:48 Published in USA Serbia by FirstLaw
There's been a couple of developments this past month, but before I get to that, please VOTE AND SUBSCRIBE! I'd like to get to 100 subs and deliver continued election and political coverage; plus the occasional boobs


The American Freedom Alliance (AFA) has retained its plurality in Congress (about 33%) and continues to be the dominant party in eAmerican politics. However, this margin hasn't improved much over the past couple of months. They may have run out of political steam...or it could be the calm before the storm. Nevertheless, if AFA dreams of having a member elected to the presidency, they'll need to aquire at least a 35% plurality in Congress to serve there for the whole term. I would imagine that AFA's opposition would impeach such a president at the earliest opportunity and at least 35% percent is needed to avoid such a fate.

AFA has been within reach of this 35% threshold for months and hasn't yet achieved it.


Historically speaking, if you're a country in mainland Europe, then a two front war is bad for you. If you're the United States, then you can actually win such a war for the simple reason that the United States has more people to fight. For those who don't get the analogy AFA has the advantage of being the most populated party in the eUS. They are so populated that they have attempted to create or gain control of another political party and move them into the top five and knock another Unity party out of the political process. On the eve of the Congressional elections, AFA was within approximately 80 members from doing so. Their membership has grown by almost that much in a month! They don't quite have the numbers to pull this off, but soon they will. How does Unity feel about being in such a vice?

I don't know since I haven't asked, but maybe they'll comment.


Unity has revived themselves recently and seems to have concluded that the key to retaining an edge politically isn't in the metagame... It's the media module. It seems that in the past month or so, they have met AFA in this critical arena and have actually done well. And the media has been much more active. It wasn't that long ago that an article needed only a hundred votes or so to be in the top five daily articles. Now, you need several times that many votes (you can vote for this one too!) to even place. Party recruitment efforts have also been at an all time high!

But who is SPQR? I know a lot has been written about them in recent weeks, but what is their purpose exactly? Are they meant to replace Unity? What plans do they have for the future of the eUS? Is this an attempt to combat AFA's efforts? Or are they just reinventing the wheel?

I don't know for sure, but SPQR seems to be composed of the "Old Guard" of eAmericans. Maybe they want to be relevant again and are modeling themselves after the Romans. You all know what happened to them eventually, don't you? Many people seem to miss the historical ironies of what they try to implement in this game so I thought that question deserves to be asked.

But regardless, the SPQR hasn't been too active lately. You need a formidable military unit in this game and a political party, and SPQR has neither yet. Maybe in time it will change, but you need more than a new avatar design and chanting a slogan that few people understand.

That's free advice!




Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,894, 09:13

Good article.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,894, 09:54


Arrden Day 1,894, 12:23

Comment deleted

Viarizi Day 1,894, 13:22



Candor Day 1,894, 13:40

Always great insight First Law. Voted.

I've seen that too, the massive media increase. That's fantastic, and can only help with growth and retention. Increasing media participation has been my number one goal since returning to the game, it is vital to our health and long term success as a nation. Meta is fine and has it's place, but this is the real game.

AFA/Unity war reminds me of WW1, these guys are all locked down in a stalemate of solid trench fronts. No one's moving.

To win, some ENTIRELY new strategies will have to take place, not (again) a re-wrap of the old strategies.

To begin, we need to bring back 10/10. Now. And open the borders. One and then the other.

Because stagnation is strangulation.

FirstLaw Day 1,894, 15:28

Yes, Candor. Its been pretty static the past couple of months. I think whoever triumphs will be the one that has the most free time (ePolitics is a big time sink). Or at least, the side that becomes the least bored with it all.

Tiamati Day 1,894, 21:31

Excellent impartial article regarding the current power struggle within the eUSA

The increase in articles has been a pleasant surprise yet behind the thin veil of roman roleplay lays the groundwork for what you've termed to be 'Old Guard' to attempt to resolidify the eAmerican community in an attempt at solidarity against what most would term as "PTOers" while attempting to sweep the stemming malcontent regarding perceived "Elitist" Oligarchy.

That said; it is only a matter of time before AFA goes through its own internal machinations in order to find itself within the current political landscape here in the eUSA while they continue to play a prevalent role within eAmerican Politics.

In time when both sides of this 'war' will choose to meet one-another half-way regarding common goals shared for our developing community; it is then, and only then, when we as a community will be ready to open our borders and restore the '10/10 empire' SPQR hopes to achieve through fealty to imperialism.

Publius Day 1,895, 00:17


invaluable Day 1,895, 00:35

Awesome article, I really liked it! Voted and subbed

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Day 1,895, 01:14

Voted and subscribed

wingfield Day 1,895, 01:19

v + s

Archfeldspar Day 1,895, 01:56

Interesting article; sufficient to warrant a brief review of the composition of the "AFA" party you have referenced. Using the definition of an eAmerican as: an eCitizen DOES NOT a) have a foreign

newspaper, have more damage done for eAmerica than 'other nations', c) command/particpate in a 'foreign' military unit, d) have their 'about me' in a "foreign" language, our review disclosed that:
1. ~75% of their congress members (who can all grant 'more eUSA ciizenships/greencards to their home country friends and feed the party) do not minimally meet the above definition of "eAmerican"
(egreencarded, yes)
2. The AFA party member list (nearly 700) is similar in it's multinational characteristic,
3. If bar-graphed by 'level' (~30 - 62) there would be a fairly uniform distribution by rank, however the lower ranks of their membership would probably be a good place to search for bots, in my opinion.
The last ePlato change of not directly electing your own congressional representatives has allowed the eUSA congress to be "packed"; good luck; one can only fight fire with fire, or disclosure.

UANAHS Day 1,895, 08:43

v s

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,895, 08:59


Good article!

DariusReg Day 1,895, 09:53

Tell Ana to msg me and I will vote and sub:) in rest great article

mouf Day 1,895, 10:43


osfej Day 1,896, 09:48


hondatyper Day 1,896, 13:38


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