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AFA - AMP >Civil War<

Day 1,830, 21:01 Published in USA USA by BrandonJ

Hey America,

The problem going on in the United States is really getting to me. We basically have a civil war going on right now. AFA is being accused of PTO first of all how in the world will they take over USA? Will they just steal it from us?

Instead of fighting against other party's we need to come to gather and be America, Yes it's good to have party's so we can stabilize us from 1 or another view. This is becoming a huge problem and needs to be fixed.

I'm being neutral right now but all i hear from the AMP is hate on AFA and not once have i heard AFA saying anything bad towards AMP. AMP had called AFA PTOers Serbians when really there is only like 5% of them in the party the rest are Americans.

>Just stop the fighting<



potato134 Day 1,830, 21:09

AFA sucks nuff said.

BrandonJ Day 1,830, 21:12

Proves my point potato haha.

BeachBunny Day 1,830, 21:14

rofl fail

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,830, 21:15

Brandon, you left AMP because we didn't trust you a place of power right away. Result: You sided with PTOs and AFA.

Now you expect us to trust you? Not going to happen.

And only 5% of Serbians? Lol... Serbians are the majority of the AFA. Of course there are other factions as well, but believe it, Serbians are the majority. Your party has over 700 people, how many get on IRC? Like 20 if that many. Where are the others? Actively PTOing. You fell for AFA because you're power hungry.

Arrden Day 1,830, 21:25


BrandonJ Day 1,830, 21:51

Dr Luis i don't side with them if they did PTO I'm leaving right away And you always kick me from AMP irc channel why what did i do to you is it because I'm in the AFA that is what I'm talking about.

BrandonJ Day 1,830, 21:55

And yes Dr Luis i am a bit power hungry why do i play this game?
Sit back let everyone else? It's a game and needs to be treated some what like it 🙂

Juve Leo
Juve Leo Day 1,831, 02:30

VOTE AFA! Vote, Subscribe, & SHOUT Please!

Free Area
Free Area Day 1,831, 07:51

Feel the AMPs!!!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,831, 10:32

lol Luis.... more like 20-25%... and if you consider AFA supporters NOT in our party, then that number falls even lower.... and so what? Who cares. 😛

gizmo78 Day 1,831, 13:31

Both sides are horrible if they do so.No party is perfect and we all know that!I'm not sayong any party is perfect,not mine,not AFA,not AMP,and more! We all know so.So why fight over it! I'm almost disgusted with these arguments of whose party is better! I get spam all the time about so. Example:"Why are you in that party...","You'r party sucks!","Join ...","Vote ...,... sucks!". I'm sick of it people!You believa what you want,I believe what I want,and we are all fine! Learn to hate in silence!

Syz2 Day 1,831, 14:07

Interesting. Thing is, AFA just fights faceless silhouettes the call the "elite". They don't say who they are, that is why no hate speech on the AMP. The closest thing you will get is RGR insulting newbs who join AMP. AMP also doesn't have anything to criticize, and that is why you don't see much.

We can't work together, because AFA isn't American.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,831, 15:36

^ I say repeatedly who they are.

Binky Rudich
Binky Rudich Day 1,831, 22:05

We are ALL americans! It doesn't matter what party you are! The great american melting pot!

BrandonJ Day 1,831, 22:07


kaplarMomciloGavric Day 1,832, 04:25

AFA - AMP >Civil War<

North vs South yes that true!!!

FREEDOM 4 America

Syz2 Day 1,832, 10:01

@RGR name them.

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,832, 13:13

I would rather wait my turn and work hard to prove myself into power then side with a player who lies for his own selfish gain. Your right that you choose your own path in this game. It is up to you who you trust but I will say one thing is certain. RGR will do anything to anyone to get what he wants. Whether that is threatening you if you don't cooperate or asking foreign PTO'rs for support, Ajay is no one to be trusted. Then again it is all your choice thats just my personal opinion.

Cassius Auspicus
Cassius Auspicus Day 1,832, 20:35

How could anyone possibly believe that the AFA is a legitimate party? It's not like the Federalists or the USWP have anything nice to say about the AFA. The fact of the matter is that our government has itself declared the AFA a PTO group. I too am a new player, I too am power hungry, but I also understand that one has to earn the power they receive. If you aren't willing to work your way up, then you are better off supporting the PTOers anyway, all you gotta do is show up on voting day.

BrandonJ Day 1,833, 12:40

I do work but in the amp new players won't get a chance it's called elitism on this game.

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