ADP Update

Day 2,890, 08:57 Published in Australia Netherlands by JackTrout

Hey all you sexy ADP peoples! Time for an ADP update…

TL/DR: Eye candy is at the end. 😛

What’s been happening:

We have beefed up the ADP offices with a big management team, hopefully to ensure the fun will not stop! Party appointees are, in no particular order, gbr_blue, Clum21, Guagature, Mongoosier, WachaGonnaDo, and FreeGigi.

But wait, you say, who holds what office? Well that’s an interesting question…

I went to assign some titles, and make some shite up about who is what… then I got here:

And I was like, Wait, Secretary General? Isn’t that the Queen’s representative in Aus? Should I just give that one to FreeGigi? No, no one even knows what that is… so I ticked the “Propose a new title” button (identified in the very professional ss above with a sort of an arrow)…

That brought me here:

Ok, long story marginally shorter, I sent a ticket, game admins replied, in effect, Please discuss your brilliant idea in the forum (they left the word “brilliant” out, what were they thinking??).

So I put a post in the forum here:

Peoples, please go comment there. Not just the ADP, but everyone. And if anyone has a clue how this can work, tell me what to do next- Take a poll? Make a petition?

I’ll keep working on it. Because damnit, it would be fun. 😃

And know this: Mongoosier is in fact the official ADP Lurking Menace. At least, for now, in our hearts… PM him if you’re a newish Div 1 player and not in the JDS!

We’ll be rolling out more stuff soon (hint: tomorrow), so watch this space! And anyone keen to step up and help the party, just PM me.