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Admins add a new Country!

Day 2,296, 12:36 Published in USA USA by Oothere

Dear admins,

I am writing to you regarding adding a new country to the map.I have waited too long to see a new country yet to be added. My main concern is the continent of Africa. As you can see in the map of Africa, not all countries are been added to the continent. I have just retired from EUSA and would love to go back to my home town in Africa. However, the country has not yet been added.

Admins can you please add the country of Nigeria In Africa? or If I am the one one to pay you to add the country of Nigeria how much will it cost me? You know, Nigeria is like the founding fathers of Africa and without Nigerians there is no such thing as a living Africa. Nigeria is what makes Africa interesting because they have all the resources and contribute to the overall African Continent.

Getting to know Nigerians.
Nigeria located west of Africa is known as the "Giant of Africa", it is the most populous country in Africa and seventh most populous country in the world. It consist of 36 states and the capital is Abuja. Its national flag is Green White and Green. The three most spoken languages in Nigeria is Igbo, Yoruba and Housa with English been the official language. It is rule by federal Presidential republic government. It has tremendous history and there is more to know about Nigeria.

Admins I am willing to spend every penny in order to make sure the country that makes Africa interesting is on the map. It not only Nigerians but there are also other country I am yet to see like Cameroon, Ghana and so on. My main concern at the moment is Nigeria which contribute to enriching africa voice and cultures. Please add this country.

Please comment on countries that has not been added to the Map. Please vote and subscribe as well.



Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,296, 14:24

I wonder if there would be enough Players in to Create a Greenland.
Voted 3

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,297, 14:13

The title is so misleading 😛

TheShadowLord Day 2,297, 14:20

I would support this as in my opinion there is not enough African countries. Maybe Morocco took.

moonburn Day 2,331, 21:00

biafra for the win (insert coment about religious tension and the plundering of the land by the opressive central military regime) if you´re trully a nigerian you know what i´m talking about

Oothere Day 2,341, 06:52

Mission Accomplished! YAY! Nigeria to be added to the map! 🙂

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