Addressing the Economy; What to do, eAmerica?

Day 468, 12:50 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

With the rising awareness of our economy now in the front pages of the highly subscribed newspapers, one could only assume that there is something "important" about this economy. Maybe its health really dictates our lives?

Buy Buy Buy!

I think Mr. Kramer said it best; Buy buy buy! It's always good to buy because it helps stimulate the economy and it is a theory that lets you purchase newer and better toys. Our economy is not in a major downturn like some want you to think since we are pulling trade surpluses and we are self-supportable.

Last month, we had a 1 GOLD -> USD ratio of 0.015 and we pulled the highest trade surplus of all other Atlantis nations and was ranked third in the entire eWorld. This month, we have been dethroned with Spain and Sweden taking the first and second position in Atlantis. Is it a coincidence that our dollar also rose to 0.018 this month as well?

People say we should have a higher-valued dollar because it will lower imports. Why has the price of diamonds risen since the beginning of last month if our dollar has grown in value? Capitalism has a flaw: Greed. Also, eRepublikan Capitalism has another flaw: Supply and demand does not directly apply as it would in-real life. That, however, is another article for another day.

Sell Sell Sell!

Our economy is different compared to other nations. Many of my rivals try to compare our nation to many others, which is unfair. Only four nations in the entire eWorld can be compared thoroughly because one must take into consideration our available resources. Out of those four, only one is truly free of occupation and thus, comparable, Brazil (The others: Russia, China, India).

The eUS must maintain its export economy and this is what I base my entire economic policy off of. We must put exporting goods as our primary goal. Already, with exception to food, domestics can compete fairly without fault against foreign companies. We need to lower the USD to, or around, 0.015 and keep it along that range to allow for multiple points.

1. Our wood, grain, oil, and other major industries can export profitably and easily.
2. Importing companies will turn less profit, making the eUS less favorable to "dump" their goods
3. We will bring foreign GOLD into our economy, raising the status of our citizens
4. Economic security.

By allowing and promoting more exporting, our companies are, unlike many Atlantis and PEACE nations, not dependent on one or two markets. If there is a recession in the eUSA, this does not mean many of our companies will fail because some can sell in Spain. Likewise, if Spain feels a depression the companies can then sell in UK, Sweden, or even at home. If the companies stay in business, the workers keep their jobs.

What does exporting mean to you?

The ABOA (eAmerican Business Owners Association) was developed by President Uncle Sam to aid in getting companies to export, but many are finding it hard to do so; especially with the higher USD currency worth. Many of our nation's economic minds, mine included, believe in a lower USD to achieve optimum export ability. But the problem persists: Do we put the business owners first or the consumers?

This is not a "worker's rights" issue, because unlike real-life the more markets the better for the worker where work environment is not a factor. The consumer wins in both an export-oriented and an import-oriented market here in eRepublik because either way prices stay in check. The newer companies compete domestically while the more efficient companies export abroad.

The problem with this is that if the USD rises in value, like it has now, the more efficient companies must return state-side and will put out of business the poorer domestic-only companies. Before long, these domestic-based companies cry to Congress, say that the markets are being flooded by too many taxes or blame it on someone else than themselves. Good examples are the current wood and grain industries.

Many complained in the ABOA and Congress that favoring exports would mean that imports would increase their prices. Why, then, were diamonds at an all-time low in January when our dollar was at 0.015? Why is iron at a current low right now and has been for months? It makes sense to say it, but when one actually looks at the markets all statements are discredited.

eAmerica, we have to promote exports, for economic prosperity and security. Still, though, the decision is for the person voting in representatives in Congress: Are you voting in someone that is for eAmerican business, or against it?

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To Do List:

Read up on this interview. It is kind of good, if I do say so myself. Special thanks to changewillcome (AAP) for the exclusive.

Go out and vote on the 5th. I will not say who to vote for, but I will say that you would not be in the wrong to vote for a certain Jew.

There's been some tough talk about Atlantis lately, make sure you are informed. Read up on all the articles, and not just that from one side. An informed voter is a smart voter.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor

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